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With the rampant rise in technology today, it can’t be denied that the only way to promote green is through the help of technology. Scientists are now on the rush of finding new ways to save the earth from pollution. Technological breakthroughs seem to have the key in resolving the problems concerning pollution today. For this reason, green living technologies are starting to take over the planet in order to reduce the amount of pollution released every day. Starting at home, common appliances like the television are now revolutionized with the use of LED televisions that save a lot of energy and are eco friendly. Air conditioning and heating system are now replaced with solar and wind temperature regulating appliances. These appliances do not get their power from conventional power source but they get it from a more natural and eco friendly source which is the sun and the wind. All of these technological breakthroughs are very effective in promoting green living. However, these are just considered as the minor green living technologies that were invented at the start of the twentieth century. As the time goes by, the possibilities of promoting green living through technology are endless. In here, we will talk about some of the most advanced ways of promoting green living.

Since home appliances have already been integrated with green living ideas, other everyday items and even transportation is made to promote green living. Some of these items seems to look weird when green living ideas are integrated but for some reason, the scientist who invented these item really did a great job in finding for different ways to incorporate green living every day. One very common green living innovation is the green house. Inside the green house, you can really feel the green living atmosphere just by looking at the different sophisticated designs that promoted green living. The green house uses zero electricity from conventional source, it also uses zero air conditioning system and heating system and it uses its water up to its last drop. Even papers and left over foods are converted into something reusable. Basically, everything is never wasted and everything is used accordingly. Because of this, the cost of living is greatly reduced and the family who are promoting green living is able to live their life naturally. However, other doesn’t find this reasonable. Their reason is that it takes a lot of money to convert a conventional house into a green house. This can be party true but green living enthusiast are able to defend this by promoting simple lifestyle alterations to promote green living and they strongly imply that sophisticated technology is not really necessary in promoting green living.

Simple green living

The major rule in green living is to never waste anything and use something until it can’t be used no more and then recycle it. this simple green living idea is all you need to convert your basic lifestyle into a green living lifestyle.

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