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Earth Day 2013

On April 22th, Earth day has been celebrated since a very long time. In the year 1970 the environmentalist movement declared the Earth day for the first time. Nowadays, in over 184 countries by 500 million people worldwide, celebrate the Earth day. All over the years, earth day has turn out to be one of the most significant environmental celebrations of the year. People are being more aware about Earth day and its significance. There are a number of ways to begin to make a difference by taking measures to prevent the pollution and waste of resources in the earth. The primary way is to actually take notice of the hazards that is affecting the earth’s natural resources in a harmful way. Earth’s water, vegetation and animals and air is being polluted and wasted at an accelerated rate. Everyone must be aware about the pollution, endangered animal, toxic gas emissions, and plant species and so on. This is possible by reading the appropriate books and visiting the web sites which are dedicated to earth’s preservation.

The celebration of Earth Day can also be done by taking a moment to examine and review the everyday habits one has which causes harm to the planet. Special attention is given on the information on Earth day and its significance. One can start by making small changes in the routine like walking or taking a bike as a substitute to the car for small distances is absolutely a step towards making earth a better place to live. In addition, this will also help in keeping oneself healthy by being physically more active.

Also, Earth day is the perfect occasion to go back over our wasting habits. Small steps such as not allowing the water run continuously n wasting it and while cleaning the dishes or doing the laundries open the tap only when the water is needed. All these steps will make a lot of difference in the long run. The most important step that one should take care of is protecting the earth’s resources by limiting its consumption for energy sources. It is against the well being of the environment when fancy and posh stores that are running their air-conditioning systems at full capacities and at the same time their front doors are far and wide opened.
There are several ways in which one can celebrate Earth Day such as planting a tree, contributing to an environmental organism, making sure that the government in power is taking firm action in order to control pollution and other things that are harmful for the planet.Earth day and its significanceshould be known by all people living on the planet.

Source: wrote by Pooja Rajput

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