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In today’s world of processed foods, pollution, and pink slime, you might be wondering how to ensure that what your family is eating is healthy.

Buying organic is a great start, but growing it yourself opens doors to tremendous possibilities. Here’s why:

  1. Avoid PesticidesConventional agriculture uses petroleum based chemicals to combat pests in the field, which not only damages the environment, but destroys important soil microbes that help plants grow. In your own garden, you can plant a diverse range of produce, instead of growing acres of one thing. This cuts down on pest attacks and can even attract beneficial insects to the garden to handle your pest problem for you. You can choose organic means of pest control, like soap sprays, hand-picking (the best pest control tool is your hands, after all) or other methods that don’t leave harmful residues on your food.
  2. No-GMO Zone – GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or GE (genetically engineered) crops are everywhere you turn. 90% of soy and corn grown in the US is GE. As of this writing, GMO seed is not available to the home gardener, only commercial growers, though companies are trying to legalize GMO corn for home growers as we speak. Growing seeds that are heirloom or open pollinated ensures that those seeds are not genetically engineered, nor can they be patented by corporate seed companies. Buying seeds from companies who sign the Safe Seed Pledge goes further to make sure the seeds they sell have are not GE

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