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Perhaps looking into the environmentally friendly real estate is worthy of your consideration because such type of home uses less energy, are built with sustainable materials, and presents healthy environment for their occupants. Another thing is the prices of eco friendly homes in most market are very affordable. Some years ago, building an eco-friendly home needs a premium of 11 to 25 percent. But these are not the situation these days as homeowners could only expect paying three to five percent. Below are some things to look for when purchasing an eco-friendly home.

  • The first thing to consider when buying an eco–friendly home is to work with a buyer’s agent specialized on eco-friendly homes or designated as eco broker. Working with the right agent on this particular real estate market will provide you with the right information and help you in choosing a home that has green features.
  • To confirm that you are looking at an eco-friendly home find homes that have “GREEN” rating. Since this rating system is newly introduced, it may not be easy to find homes that have ratings. Even if you cannot find a home with green ratings, it is essential that you know what a home with eco-friendly features looks like.
  • Operable windows are good as it helps with natural cooling as it allows good air flow into the home. Low E rating windows keeps harmful UV rays out of your home which can also assist in keeping your home cooler.
  • Ceiling fans are good addition in cooling the home. Also, pay attention to insulation because it supports both heating and cooling a home.
  • The attic space should have good air flow which can be a hot air getaway.
  • The driveway and roofing materials should be light colored because dark colors absorb sun rays and will increase solar heat gain.
  • Check out the landscaped areas of a home because it helps reduce solar heat gains. Planting beds near the home can lessen heat build up. Check to see if there is drip irrigation system as it is an excellent water saving system. If the location of the home doesn’t get much rain, it would be unwise to have a large lawn area that will require a lot of water usage.
  • If there are appliances left with the home, see if they have Energy Star ratings. Appliances with Energy Star ratings consume less energy and will help lower your bills.
  • Check if the windows are located on the north and south facing sides of the home. Properly positioned windows will prevent your home being heated by the sun during morning and evening hours.
  • Eco-friendly homes take advantage of winds for natural cooling so give attention to the orientation of the home. Open the windows and see if you can make use of the prevailing winds. Windows placed on opposite walls brings good cross ventilation.
  • Other good components that you should look for eco-friendly homes are solar panels, wind turbines, or any other renewable energy source.
eco home

Mind that you can update some of these items easily and change yourself. The overall construction of the home is the most important thing consider.

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