Five Innovative Technologies that Bring Energy to the Developing World

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See on – Green Living From soccer balls to cookstoves, engineers are working on a range of devices that provide cheap, clean energy.   In the wealthy world, improving the energy system generally means increasing the central supply of reliable, inexpensive and environmentally-friendly power and distributing it through the power grid. Across most of the planet,… Read more »

The Benefits of Living a Green Life

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The benefits of going green extend far beyond saving the environment. Simple changes towards living a greener, more eco-friendly life also positively affects personal health and finances. It can also contribute to a positive change in the nation-wide economy and political climate. The health benefits of eating organic produce over pre-packaged foods are immediate. Organic… Read more »

Tiny houses: Eco-friendly dream homes

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See on – Green Living Tiny houses: These tick most if not all of the boxes. They’re portable, beautiful and have more or less all you need in a house if you don’t have kids or a big dog. I discovered them while reading my original hometown rag, theWashington City Paper. See on

Green Living Tips for a Better Environment

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Are you aware that the world’s resources are fast getting scarcer by the minute? Hectares of forest land are being cleared for urban living. Rivers are getting dirtied by human waste. And the very air that we breathe are getting more polluted. It is about time that we start to do our share for the… Read more »

Four iPhone garden apps help you go green

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See on – Green Living Unless your backyard is a stunning vista of concrete, there is always going to be something to do out there. The grass will need cutting and even when nothing else grows, you can guarantee that the weeds are always thriving. Some people are happy to leave their garden alone,… Read more »