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personal action to save our earth

“Years ago, when I was an independent contractor, I began looking for green materials and designing green building practices to help my clients conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprints. Now that I’m a commercial contractor, it’s become an increasing joy to see that so many businesses want to contribute to this movement as well. Many businesses don’t realize that their practices aren’t environmentally friendly or socially conscious. It’s capitalism at its finest. However, these organizations and businesses are trying to do something different that will ultimately have a great impact on the future of our world.

Most of the issues regarding global warming and pollution can be resolved with a little education and training. That’s the thought process behind the Go Green Initiative. This program is focused on helping others live a more green life and make eco-conscious decisions. The organization speaks to schools, businesses, organizations and homeowners about the different and innovative ways that they use different products, technology and services to change towards a greener lifestyle. Most of all, Go Green focuses on helping children to learn about ways that they can be more green and choose environmentally friendly products…”
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