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Wind energy is one of the very usable energy resource that can be traced back hundreds or even thousands of years. the first mechanical device that was built to use the wind as a source of power was the famous sailboat that we all know.

wind energy

The renewable energy source that is being invested heavily all over the globe is wind.The importance of wind as a renewable energy comes With the efforts being made to eliminate carbon emission in energy production.
The wind energy is a major alternative being sought. However, amidst the complexities that surround the detailed, process of conversion of wind energy to electrical energy, here are some factsto think about.

Some wind energy facts are written in the pages of history, since was the first renewable energy source to be exploited. The first documented wind turbine machine that was built and designed to use wind power to do work on land was the windmill which goes back to as early as 200BC in Persia, and since then after thousands of years, the wind energy continues to be used now more than ever before.

wind energy with turbines

History has so many other wind energy facts as well.Many facts are not commonly known, One is that wind is actually a form of solar energy.It is brought about by the uneven heating of the earth‘s surface, with the equatorial region getting more sun than the poles. Wind is not available all through the year, so it does not guarantee energy on demand as fossil fuels would. But this problem is tackled by alternating with solar power since the two are complementary. Taking up solar and wind power together, can provide a totally reliable source of energy on demand.

The popularity of using the energy in the wind has always fluctuated with the price of fossil fuels.But on the other hand, wind energy issues have to do with finance of course. The biggest expense to harnessing wind energy has to do with buying and setting up of the equipment. Turbines, generators and other equipment take up 80% of the costs. But once set up, wind energy becomes one of the easiest energy sources to maintain – you get unlimited energy for free.


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