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You might think that keeping a clean environment is very difficult. Well, maintaining it can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You can actually do lots of ways to make it possible. This article might be of great help. It provides three effective ways to maintain one:

clean environment - avoid creating pollution
  1. Avoid creating pollution – Avoid creating pollution. Pollution can come in various forms. You can have air, water and land pollution. Well, these three forms can actually be prevented. Start it with yourself. Try to avoid throwing trash anywhere. You make sure you throw all your garbage properly. Dispose biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes properly. Avoid littering all over the places. You avoid creating pollution because it can negatively affect one’s health and even destroy the environment.
  2. Start reducing contaminants at home – Start reducing contaminants and all those toxic materials at home. These things can actually destroy the environment. Start the changes at home. Your home is still part of your environment. If you are concerned with the safety and cleanliness of your home, certainly, all else will follow. Reduce it by cleaning and doing proper disposal of wastes.
  3. Be a good example – Be a good example. Try to do what is right. When you do the right things, everyone else will follow. Make sure they are following the right things from you. Set as a good example to all kinds of people, especially to the youth. The children are the most fragile individuals that are easily influenced by almost anything. When you teach them the right way, they will follow, and with that, they know how to take care of their environment.
clean environment - be a good example

It is very important to maintain a clean environment. If you are still wondering on what to do, try these three effective ways and help each other to keep it clean.

Source: wrote by Elizabeth D. Johnson

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