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The eco-friendly technology Hybrid Cars

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In the modern world of today, humans are about to face an acute energy shortage in the near future. This dire situation has been triggered by the continuous over exploitation of coal and crude oil. More over when fossil fuels are burnt, they release harmful pollutants like sulpher oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, etc. These pollutants are polluting the Earth’s atmosphere and are proving to be great health hazards for all the kinds of life that thrive on this planet.

Hence researchers and scientist have been trying to develop technologies that would help humans reduce and avoid burning fossil fuels, while at the same time satisfy their energy demands. Two such leading innovations have been done in the automobile industry. They are the arrival of hybrid cars and the introduction of biodiesel.

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What are hybrid cars?

A vehicle designed to run on more than two or more distinct sources of energy is called a hybrid car. Most hybrid cars are known to derive their power from a combination of a single or multiple electric motors and a normal car engine or internal combustion engine. The hybrid car was developed as an alternative to the fossil fuel guzzling cars of today. These hybrids are referred to as HEV or Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Apart from their ability to keep the environment clean, these cars help reduce its owners fuel bill by a huge amount. The mileage of these cars is just awesome. They can easily run around for 20 to 30 miles on a gallon of fuel.

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Henri Pieper is credited with the invention of the world’s first hybrid engine (petro electric engine). Hybrid vehicles are not a recent phenomenon. The most common example of a hybrid we see regularly is the diesel locomotive, since they can derive the power required to run them either from diesel or from electricity. This technology has been applied to cars fairly recently and most manufacturers have excitedly announced plans to roll out hybrid model vehicles from their factories.

The petro-air hybrid engine was designed by a French company called MDI. This company successfully ran car models fitted with this new hybrid engine design. The vehicles were wired to be run directly by the hybrid engine, thus eliminating the need of air motors. The most energy efficient part of this hybrid engine is its active chamber. In this chamber the energy produced by the engine is almost doubled by heating the air via the fuel.

The status of hybrid vehicles in today’s world

Numerous hybrid car models like the Honda Insight, GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe have been launched in the US and in the European markets. The public transportation system of some the major cities of the world have now been partially converted to run on hybrid vehicles. The New York Police department is known to use a fleet of the Toyota Prius Hybrid cars.Tata Motors has undertaken a project to roll out hybrid cars in the Indian automobile market. They have completed the first phase to the project that is the passing of the design phase. Now they have moved to the phase 2 of the project where they are trying to complete the developments required by the air engine to become a hybrid engine.

The technology of hybrid cars is here to stay and has a tremendous scope of dominating the automobile industry in the recent future. With the ongoing energy crisis and increasing awareness about the environment among the masses has led to more and more people converting their cars to hybrid cars.

Biodiesel and its applications

Biodiesel is basically a form of vegetable oil or it may even be a diesel fuel based on the fat of animals. The molecular structure of this new fuel is simply a long chained ester. When vegetable oil or animal fat are allowed to react with alcohol, it produces these esters.

Biodiesel can be directly used to run cars or it may even be blended with conventional diesel and then used. The amount of biodiesel in any blend is denoted by B followed by a number indicating the quantity present. For example completely pure biodiesel is denoted as B100. Simple diesel engines can be very easily run on B20 blend of a biodiesel. The engine will not require any further modifications.

Biodiesel’s solvent properties are drastically different from conventional diesel and petrol. This fuel has a tendency to corrode the hose pipe lines and the rubber gaskets of engines. So a person has to install proper filters to run their car on biodiesel. But this is biodiesel’s only disadvantage. This fuel has many properties like a high cetane rating and good properties of lubrication. This makes it more efficient compared to conventional fuels, thus increasing the fuel economy of the vehicle.

These 2 technologies are only the tip of the iceberg in the world of eco- friendly technologies. With new technology being developed every day, the world will have a much better and cleaner environment in the coming years.

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