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Since 2011, the people of Papua New Guinea have been waiting for the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Special Agriculture and Business Leases (SABLs).

In the meantime, logging companies have been fast-tracking the harvesting of logs as landowners feel powerless to protect their homes and their precious forests based on ecoforestry.

The SABLs are controversial leases which have allowed for the theft of 5.1 million hectares of indigenous-owned land. SABL leases can last for 99 years – nearly a century. This is how the PNG government allows foreign logging companies to harvest vibrant woodlands without providing any opportunity for landowners and local people to participate and benefit directly from their own forests.

More than 30 years of industrial logging in Papua New Guinea has not provided any tangible and sustainable development for the people. Logging companies reap profits from the people’s resources and venture into other business activities leaving the people destitute.
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