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If you are involved in the oil and gas, chemical or construction industries, then you are familiar with the amount of time and resources needed and spent in keeping and maintaining your equipment and facilities to keep your environment clean and in ideal working condition. As such, you are probably familiar with the use of abrasive blast.

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Sand blasting, also known as abrasive blasting is a process where fine granular sand is applied using a high pressure against a rough surface in order to smooth that surface out. In the process, the abrasive material is propelled either with a liquid or through a nozzle onto an uneven surface. Sand blasting equipment can be used on wood, walls and other surfaces that need to be smoothed out for other applications such as paint. There are a variety of materials that can be used for sand blasting to get the job done, with the final selection based upon the nature of the surface that has to be smoothed or cleaned out.

Sand or abrasive blasting can be done in a number of ways depending on the results required. A common method will be to use a portable device that is used to spray on a large surface. With this method, the operator or user of the said device should take the necessary precautions including not working in a confined area and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Other methods such as wet blasting or sand blasting using water negate the risk of airborne contaminants, but also pose another risk in the form of wastewater produced. At the same time, the use of certain materials, such as silica sand is also used to minimize the risks involved. These risks are the reasons why sand blasting is not a simple task and should be accomplished by a professional or a contractor. Aside from it being a very hard and time-consuming task, the operator should also ensure that the blast abrasives are appropriate for the task on hand and that only the rough areas and impurities are removed, and does not damage the actual surface in any way.

Overall, abrasive blasting is necessary in order to keep industrial surfaces clean of impurities and maintain their smoothness at all times. It can level out any uneven surface but can also pose risks if done improperly. At the same time, operators carrying out the task should also be mindful of the safety hazards and risks posed by the improper use of the tools, and that the failure to do so could lead to health risks.

So whenever your industrial facility needs abrasive cleaning services, ensure that you choose the appropriate professional contractor who can offer and accomplish high quality services. At the same time, make sure that the contractor also uses the best equipment and employs skilled employees for a high quality job. Take into consideration environment clean impacts and your employees “health and safety” as well.

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