Electric Cars Long Term Battery Considerations

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Electric Cars Charge

Electric Cars Long Term Battery and Ownership Issues Electric cars have been a common sight on the road for several years now, with many owners having made their first purchase of an electric car better than five years ago. Because of the continued advances being made in electric car technology there are some electric car owners who… Read more »

World’s most efficient semiconductor chip triples waste heat conversion

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See on Scoop.it – Green Living This breakthrough in thermoelectric technology could lead to significant savings in both energy and money. One approach to solving our energy woes is to increase the efficiency of components and systems, especially those in industry, and another, secondary, approach is to attempt to recapture some of the waste from… Read more »

e-Recycling: Why we must and how we can

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See on Scoop.it – Green Living Andrew Del Prado argues that society’s attitude to e-recycling (recycling eletronic gadgets) is lagging far behind our desire to create the technology in the first place, and tells the Ecologist how his organisation is trying to combat this trend….. The fast progress of the market of electronics comes with the… Read more »

Innovative and eco-friendly: the office of the future

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See on Scoop.it – Green Living Called NuOffice and built in Germany, it is considered to be one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world. The building in Munich was completed in November 2012. Taking a look back at the construction process reveals some of its eco-friendly features. One of the building’s energy… Read more »

How to Buy Sustainable Green Furniture

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sustainable green furniture

Many people are wondering about how to start a green lifestyle. Well, actually it can be started by getting sustainable green furniture rather than the common furniture. Buying green is the same with helping the planet to stay healthy. You can also stay healthy by buying this kind of product because it does not contain… Read more »

5 Inexpensive Home Technologies That Save Energy Effortlessly

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See on Scoop.it – Green Living Tech manufacturers are creating eco-friendly home appliances that not only save energy but also cut costs. Few years back, installing energy-friendly gadgets at home was considered an expensive privilege only a few could afford. But today any individual who is environment conscious and doesn’t want to sacrifice the allure… Read more »

The 3 Biggest Myths about Electric Cars

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electric cars pluged

If you are thinking about buying an electric car, then you may have been put off by some of the myths and rumours which surround these green vehicles. While they were originally seen as something that only the rich or totally dedicated to green issues (e.g. treehuggers) would use, the modern green vehicle is being… Read more »