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Like your bed, the office is where you’ll spend about a third of your life. It’s important that the environment is healthy for you AND healthy for the planet … after all, you want the physical capacity to be able to enjoy yourself outside of work, and you want a beautiful world to be in when you aren’t enclosed within a sea of wall to ceiling windows, cubicles and grey laminate! From reusable coffee cups to other unexpected and sensible strategies, here are our top 9 tips for offices which are as environmentally friendly as they are medically healthy.

1. Encourage reusable coffee cups

If you’re an employee, bring your own reusable coffee cup to work. If you’re an employer, spring for personalised reusable coffee cups for all of your employees. They use fewer resources than disposable cups ( but still fit in standard commercial coffee machines), and when cup sharing is reduced, so is germ-sharing!

reusable coffee cups - eco cup

2. Keep some green space

Green plants recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen – good for the planet, good for the humans! Keep some green space around the office, and rotate the chore of weeding, pruning and maintaining it.

office space

3. Don’t ‘leaf’ the interior alone!

While you’re thinking green on the outside of your office, find ways to also bring plants inside the office.

4. Air circulation

Circulating air can help reduce shared illness in the office and improve concentration. It also improve productivity – which is indirectly good for the environment. If you’re going to be using electricity for a set number of work hours, the higher the productivity the better for the earth.

5. Use natural cleaning chemicals

Harsh, strong cleaning chemicals are harmful to the ecosystems they enter after leaving your office drain, and the humans who breathe their fumes and absorb them through their skin. Use more natural cleaners to keep those reusable coffee cups pristine!

6. Use natural furnishing materials

Materials such as bamboo cloth, leather, organic cotton and wool are better insulators and feel nicer to interact with than acrylic and nylon in your furnishings. Additionally, they don’t require the use of petrochemicals for their manufacture.

7. Limit the meat

The meat industry is one of the single biggest contributors to the carbon status of the atmosphere. Additionally, most of us eat far too much meat! AT your next company barbeque, provide far more salad options and far fewer steaks and sausages. And serve your drinks in those eco-friendly cups!

8. Virtual travel

Travel is another big contributor of greenhouse gases, and it sometimes seems that you simply don’t have a choice for work. Investigate virtual communication options, such as video conferencing, VOIP, scan-and-email or just the telephone whenever possible! People health improves because they have more time to exercise! And on that note …

9 Institute an elevator tax!

It’s a radical idea, but in offices committed to green and healthy living, reusable coffee cups might not go far enough. Try instituting an ‘elevator tax’ – a fee paid at the office entrance for use of the elevator – to encourage people to use the stairs. Use the elevator tax money to offset your office’s carbon production with tree planting.

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