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001 - Open and safety talk002 - Open and safety talk003 - Open and safety talk004 - Open and safety talk005 - Open and safety talk006 - Open and safety talk
007 - Even the children are ready to start008 - Deply the clean up with Totto Rescue Team009 - Take safe equipment bags for collect the garbage and go010 - Count with Selikor to truck to collect huge garbage011 - Start with clean up near of Playa Kanoa012 - Kids helping with the clean up
013 - Short moment recest for picts014 - Part of Totto Rescue Team015 - Work on progress016 - Dispose of trash017 - Recollection on progress018 - One of many containers
019 - Work on progress020 - Small break to recover force021 - Continue with task022 - At entire clean up event the security was granteed by police force023 - Close the event at Zanzibar Beach024 - Close the event at Zanzibar beach

Curaçao Clean Up 2013, a set on Flickr.

The Curaçao Clean Up was taken place on Saturday September 21st. On this day we activated all citizens to go out and help us clean our island, but also create awareness. When driving around the island you will see trash on the sides of the road, at the beaches and even in the sea. Curaçao is home to more than 145 thousand people, and each of us produces about 4.5 pounds of trash on a daily basis. As citizens we are all responsible to keep Curaçao clean.

Via Flickr:
Curaçao Clean Up – Saturday 21 September 2013

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