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Many people are not aware that there is a difference between green and sustainable energy. Environmental terms, “green energy,” and “sustainable energy” are sometimes considered to be synonymous; however, the goals of these terms are quite different. Sustainable things tend to be green. On the other hand, things we consider green are not necessarily sustainable.

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What Does “Green” Mean?

Environmentally friendly practices are considered green. When something is green it has a slight negative impact on the environment and in some cases, no impact at all. For example, hybrid cars would be considered green if they are compared to ordinary cars. When something is referred to as environmentally friendly that does not mean it is sustainable. Hybrid cars still use gasoline, which may have less of an impact on the environment than regular cars; but hybrid cars are not a sustainable solution.

sustainable energy

What Does “Sustainable” Mean?

Solutions that work and keep working without causing environmental damage are considered sustainable. Bikes are considered a sustainable means of transportation, especially when compared to vehicles requiring gasoline or diesel. Using a bicycle may seem ludicrous in today’s day and age. Nonetheless, riding a bicycle does not use up natural resources and can be used repeatedly without doing harm to the environment.

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Combining “Green” and “Sustainable”

Though there is a difference between green and sustainable energy, they can have a positive influence on our lives. Green technology can be sustainable as long as the materials used can be recycled, re-used, and don’t run out. For instance, solar panels are considered both green and sustainable because they are reusable and they don’t have a negative impact on the environment. They also absorb energy from the sun, which makes them a green product, as well.

Difficult Goals to Reach

Overall, it’s difficult for humanity to find solutions to reach a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. People feel a sense of anxiety in switching over from their present way of living to another. For instance, usually, people are familiar and comfortable with the type of vehicle they’re driving. Changing to smaller, more environmentally friendly forms of transportation, or using public transportation is a challenge and awkward for many. Additionally, changing a home to solar energy is not easy and could add a financial burden to many families. The cost for solar panels and the labor to install them is quite expensive.

Nevertheless, don’t let the difference between green and sustainable energy get in the way of you adjusting your lifestyle to make a positive change. Humanity is reaching a point where it may be forced to find alternative energy, manufacturing, and transportation system solutions before running out of non-renewable resources.

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