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Economic development and modernization came at a cost of destroying planet earth and its resources. Seriousness of the issues has been addressed by the UN as it declared 2005-2014 a decade dedicated in achieving self sustainability based on overall human development through economic growth, social development, and environmental protection.

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The book, The Limits to Growth commissioned, by the Club of Rome warned mankind against repercussions of growing irresponsibly. There is a need to immediately curb our ecological footprint by limiting growth in terms of population, agriculture, industry and waste production or the world wouldn’t be able to sustain itself for longer. It is the point beyond which growth becomes subjunctive.

Retracing ecological footprint and practicing a more responsible corporate performance for greater good or green initiatives must now become the primary focus in achieving a sustaining growth path for the future.

We are treading through a difficult time where there is a need to restore earth’s balance while retaining growth for advancement of civilization. There are several communities which have already adopted more responsible growth path that is synchronized towards the laws of nature. Instead of depleting natural resources these communities are striving in recycling resources in order to achieve more sustainable growth model. We can draw inspiration from Apatani tribal community, a native of Arunachal Pradesh, India, which has combined paddy farming with fish cultivation to create a complete ecology that is self sustaining. It is surely heartening to know and gives us courage to shade our inhibitions and adopt more idealistic living style.

Ecologically sustainable building structure has given rise to the term ‘arcology’, which is a combination of architecture and ecology referring to building ideas and principals based on the theories of sustainability to promote environmentally conscious living a part of green initiatives.

In order to achieve stability there are requirements for building generation of socially and environmentally responsible citizens and we as a corporate can make significant contributions towards it. Education is a primary enabler towards building awareness about conservation and preservation of earth environment.

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Educated, socially responsible generation will make good citizens for the future but along with, there are serious requirements for developing sustainable healthcare infrastructure that will bring healthcare within the reach of greater population. Healthcare projects enabling basic healthcare and hygiene facilities for community welfare aim at providing counseling and access to medical facilities to rural areas to ensure overall growth.

In order to grow as socially responsible corporate there is requirements for adopting a holistic approach towards it. Green initiatives must form the basis of corporate social responsibility. The idea is to promote awareness about individual and collective responsibility towards the planet and adopting conservation policies to essential but finite resource of earth.

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