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Green is in. There is certainly no doubt about it. From the things we use, to the foods we eat – there is an eco revolution that is going on. The same is true with home construction and design. Developers and designers are in unison that for a house to be comfortable, it should be eco friendly. But what if your house was constructed years before various trends in making a house environment-friendly were pushed? Fret not because there are still ways in which you could harness the green efficiency of your house.

Harnessing the Eco Friendly Tone of Your House

Give up on your incandescent bulbs

You may be attached to the warmth emitted by your incandescent bulbs aside from the recently low prices they are available. However, you have to accept the fact that incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient. They are not power savers and thus contribute to the high amount you have to pay on your power bill each month. Green advocates push the use of CFLs or compact fluorescents. Aside from huge savings on power, they also lessen the emission of greenhouse gases in your home sweet home to as much as 400 pounds. Wow!

Eco Friendly Tone of Your House

Be a 3R warrior

The 3R has long been pushed as a great way to minimize solid waste production in homes and be eco friendly. Why not join the army and learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle. A lot of stuff in your homes can produce additional money for you. Old newspapers, jars, bottles, and tin cans can be sold to scrap yards. If you have spare time to devote, you can reuse empty spread jars as containers of other items. Clean them up and let your creativity shine by putting some decors outside the jar or bottle’s body. Old clothes, toys, and books which are limiting your available storage spaces can be donated to charities, or you can put up a garage sale or put them at online auction sites. Fantastic!

Minimize the use of your air conditioning systems

While it is comfortable to lie around and sleep on your bed with the air condition doing its job of giving you cool air, do you know that it actually consumes a lot of energy? If you could only minimize its use, you’ll see the huge amount of savings as what could be deducted in your electric bill. Having plants and trees outside can contribute to a natural ventilation system that can circulate fresh air inside your house. Aside form the shade they can give, these greens will contribute to the natural oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle within your yard. Other measures you can implement to minimize the work of your air condition include the use of energy-efficient ceiling fans. Cool!

Eco Friendly Tone of Your House

Maintaining a house to make it greener doesn’t always mean following the trend. A lot of times, you just have to conserve and be concerned with the well-being and be eco friendly for your family.

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