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When some people buy energy efficient homes they think that they’ve done their part to help conserve energy and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Buying a green home is certainly a step in the right direction, but it isn’t the end of your environmentally friendly living path. There was a recent study that showed that energy efficient home owners tend to consume more energy because they think that their home has done all of the green heavy lifting for them. Your solar panels and fluorescent light bulbs can help you out, but if you want to continue to live a green lifestyle in your new green home you should follow these tips.

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Ditch the Fertilizer and Start a Compost Pile

Almost every home owner wants a lawn that’s lush and green, and luckily eco-friendly home owners can have their beautiful lawn without having to hurt the environment. This is right around the time where people start to add fertilizer to their lawn and gardens, but if you want to have a beautiful lawn that doesn’t harm the environment you should skip your visit to Home Depot‘s lawn care center.

Fertilizer is full of pesticides and pollutants that can end up in your local water supply when you water your lawn. If you want a green lawn try using your own home-made compost to keep it healthy. Designate a small well-lit area of your backyard for your compost pile, and start adding your organic waste (left over food, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc) to the pile. After it decomposes you’ll have a powerful lawn care tool that can give your grass and plants the nutrients they need.

Avoid Your Oven

If the owners of energy efficient homes want to save more energy, they should consider investing in a new crock pot. Sometimes it’s easier to throw your dinner in the over for a few hours to let it cook, but your skillet and gas range will require less energy to cook than your oven will. If you aren’t making a dish that absolutely requires the use of an oven, you should try relying on your stove and small appliances more when you cook. If you have an energy efficient toaster oven and crock pot, you can cook almost any “oven friendly recipe in them.

Only Run Your Dishwasher with Full Loads

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Your dishwasher may have a water saving cleaning option, but if you’re using it to wash a few bowls and forks you’re wasting water and energy. Dishwashers require a considerable amount of water and power to run, and even the eco-friendly options can over-consumer resources if it’s constantly being run. If you only have a few dirty dishes consider washing them by hand before you load the dishwasher.

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