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Considering our planet is made of mostly water, it only makes sense that we should preserve it the best we can. However, a lot of our waste eventually finds its way into the earth’s oceans. A lot of the food and paper waste will eventually biodegrade, but all of the plastic waste gets left behind, and will inhabit the ocean forever. This presents a problem to both the water itself, and the creatures who inhabit it. Our oceans are one of many good reasons why we should be recycling more.

The Effects Of Pollution.

water pollution - need for recycle

There are large islands of garbage spread throughout the earth’s oceans, but the biggest resides in the Pacific Ocean. This garbage patch is twice the size of Texas. It is made up of assorted garbage, but the majority of the waste is plastic. The plastic waste is the most dangerous of all, because unlike other materials, it does not biodegrade.

Instead, it photodegrades, which means it breaks apart into lots of tiny pieces. When it is broken down enough, these little pieces of plastic will resemble plankton, and unsuspecting fish will eat them. Eating enough of these pieces of plastic will eventually make them sick and die. They are not the only creatures who do this either. Sea birds have been known to choke and die on small pieces of garbage like bottle caps. Sea turtles will often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, and will slowly suffocate over time.

The water is equally affected by the pollution. When plastic is exposed to heat (sunlight for example), it leaches chemicals like BPA, which can be harmful to humans when ingested. While new plastic water bottles may be BPA free, there are whole generations of water bottles, as well as other plastic products, that are not. Since water is a constant cycle, the pollution may reach our drinking water.

The Perks Of Recycling.

the perks of recycle

It can be cumbersome at times, but recycling has a positive effect on the world around us. Aside from reducing landfill and waste found in oceans, recycling reuses materials in every day products, which in turn reduces manufacturing wastes. Some products even boast about being made from recycled goods. Things like paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum can all be reused to make all new products. They can also be used in ways you wouldn’t imagine.

There are many benches in parks, grocery stores and malls, and some of them are now being made from recycled plastic bags. Recycled plastic is even used in the construction of houses. With so many inventive ways to reuse discarded items, recycling is the ultimate way to turn a negative into a positive.

Turn Things Around. Start Recycling Today.

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Our planet may not be in the best shape, but there is something we can do about it. People who recycle help cut down on pollution and waste. You may think your efforts will have little effect, but they will make a huge difference in the long run. They will result in a world with cleaner air, safer drinking water, and less pollution. Our efforts will ensure a better environment for future generations. Start recycling today. You’ll be glad you did.

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