Five Of The World’s Most Luxurious Green Homes

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luxury green homes

With energy efficiency and green technologies at the forefront of everyone’s minds we’re all thinking about how we can improve the green homes. The usual methods of improving heat retention with double glazing and insulation as well as the possibility of utilising some green technologies such as boilers are something we can all do. However… Read more »

Green Offices and Green Trends

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gren offices - green trends

With the influx of eco-friendly movement and ideas, people are starting to look at going green as a mere fad or trend. However, what most people should realize is the fact that “going green” is an immediate concern and since a lot of individuals and companies are picking up on the “trend,” it’s something that… Read more »

Understanding Sustainable Economic Development

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sustainable economic development

Sustainable Economic Development is defined by United Nations as: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition for the very first time considered development in the context of environment and was part of The Brundtland Commission Report, 1987. One of the… Read more »

Taiwan Skyscraper’s Facade Covered in Thousands of Wind Turbines

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See on – Green Living Beijing-based Decode Urbanism Office has designed a 1,150 foot (350m) skyscraper located in Taichung City, Taiwan, to house the city’s Department of Urban Development, commercial concerns, museums, retail areas and exhibitions spaces.   The building’s design was inspired by the plum blossom, the national flower of China and Taiwan…. Read more »

Nature: Symbiosis leads to diversity (2013)

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See on – Green Living Species interactions such as competition and predation spur on diversification — as can symbiotic relationships, a study of plant-invading insects has found. Many species of a family of insects known as gall midges (Cecidomyiidae) rely on fungi to help them break down plant tissues; in return, the female… Read more »

50 Incredible Facts About Earth [Infographic]

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See on – Green Living Who knew that if all the water on the Earth were scrunched up into a ball it would only measure 860km in diameter? How long can a human being survive in space unprotected? These fifty incredible facts about Earth will provide the answer, along with some answers to questions that… Read more »