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Electronic waste includes all discarded electronic equipment like official electronic equipment, monitor, keyboard, pen drive, plastic item etc. Most of development countries produce Electronic waste. Many development countries use the recycling process. Today electronic waste is a major problem in the world. All countries of the world face this problem. There are different types of problem arise in the world like kidney fail, blood cancer, affecting nervous, reproductive systems etc.

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US (United State) produce the highest E-waste in the world. After china is one of the most E-waste producing countries.

Electronic waste Harmful for Human Body and Environment

Electronic waste may become harmful for human body if you don’t dispose carefully .E-waste contains poisonous substance which harmful for human body. These are following …..

Arsenic is poisonous metallic substance which find in dust and soluble substance. By through we find skin problem, lung cancer, and decrease nerve conduction velocity. Barium is metallic element that is used in sparkplugs and fluorescent lamps. It is harmful when it contact with air so I can say that barium oxide is harmful for body. By through we find weakness of muscles, damage of heart, liver and spleen. Cadmium is one of the most hazardous substance by through we find lung cancer. Mercury is one of the most toxic yet widely used in electrical equipment. It effect on brain, lungs and heart. Electronic waste contains more any poisonous substance which is affecting human body.

electronic waste

Electronic waste dumped in soil which released chemicals. These chemicals damaged the soil. E-waste contain poisonous element so these element effect the environment. These chemicals go in the plant and effect growth of plant. We use plant as a food. We take the poison through plant. By through many children are dying and many people got disease. These elements produce hazardous substance and this substance flow in the water. By through many animals died in the water.

Today every person use electronic item so electronic waste regularly increased in last two decades. Most of countries work in the e- waste recycling field. Recycle is a very crucial process. There are many techniques which used through many countries. Many electronic items may be recycling like monitor, keyboard and many other item repaired. We can provide recycle techniques through educational classes. Most people are trained to recycle a newspaper, bottles and cans. I say that recycle is best process to prevent the dumping in the landfills. Today India faces this problem reason being population of our country regularly increasing. Electronic item regularly increase. Today china also faces this problem. If we don’t work on this problem after this we will face another problem like Global warming. There are main problem is unawareness of harm of electronic waste.

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