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Our 10 Trends for sustainable living at 2015 thinking over the past year and forecasts the problems that may form the property development agenda in 2015:

1. Scales Tip on world temperature change action

By rising civic policy, stormy numbers of company commitments and a lot of decisive action by native and national governments, world temperature change diplomacy is showing new signs of life. The Gregorian calendar month 2014 deal between the United States and China to cap emissions by 2030 breaks the long impasse over the relative responsibilities of making and poor nations to require action.

world temperature change - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: There’s real – although still cautious – optimism that the international community could finally agree on a significant and lasting framework for decarbonization in 2015.


  • In December, two hundred countries signed the national capital Accord, which, for the primary time in history, commits all nations to cutting GHG emissions. In early 2015, each country can submitcareful domestic policy plans that may kinder the premise of the pact to be signed in Paris next year.
  • The United States Associate in Nursingd China striking the primary major deal between an industrial and a developing country on temperature change. The United States pledged to commissions 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025, whereas China ink agreement to peak emissions around 2030.
  • quite twenty five countries have pledged $10 billion to the inexperienced Climate Fund, established to assist developing nations adapt to temperature change.

2. Water Makes Waves

From droughts in California and Ohio to continued water shortages in Republic of India and Brazil’s Sao Paolo, the impact of water insufficiency on populations, economies and corporations has been felt worldwide. World water stress is quickly turning into a serious economic, political and social issue, and a provide chain risk to that corporations are responding with a spread of initiatives and innovations.

water makes waves - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: As pressure to handle the challenge builds in each the general public and personal sectors, 2015 can see even a lot of conjunctive action to grasp and act on water-related problems with a stress on collaboration and system-level solutions.


  • The planet Economic Forum identified“water crises” joined of the highest 10 problems with greatest concern to the worldwide economy in 2014, the third highest risk graded overall.
  • A growing range of corporations acknowledge water insufficiency risks as material and together with them as a monetary concern in annual reports. As an example, Dr. Pepper Snapplecluster noted that water system challenges may place $2.5 billion of its future sales in danger.
  • Investments in water infrastructure development together with watershed payments, water risk management tools, client engagement programs and environmental impact bonds are rising as innovative and promising ways in which to alleviate, and maybe like, the water insufficiencychallenge.

3. Incumbents Face a Growing range of Credible Threats

New technologies, shifting client preferences, and a growing movement of social entrepreneurs and alternative innovators are disrupting ancient business models and drastically sterilization existing markets. In 2014, corporations in an exceedingly range of business sectors – automotive, electrical utilities, banking, retail, food and a lot of – began coming back to terms with progressively viable threats to their businesses.

incumbents face a growing range of credible threats - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: Whereas not all of this disruption has property as its goal, a replacement generation of merchandise and services—and whole new approaches just like the sharing economy—are finding redoubled credibleness and impact, and creating the notion of a lot of property economy a lot of tangible.


  • Transportation is undergoing a radical transformation as corporations like Weber, BlaBlaCar, and Lyft, additionally to the explosion of bike-share programs, have customers rethinking however they travel. Disruption from inside is additionally fast as electrical cars lessen mysterious and less costly and more open client minds to a lot of property innovation.
  • Utility corporations and appliance makers should alter tumultuous technologies introduced by newcomers like Apple and Google, World Health Organization are experimenting with ways in which to create home energy use a lot of economists.
  • Crowdsourcing of finance spearheaded by such innovators as GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo is difficult the banking industry’s existing model and providing new ways in which to supply capital for innovative solutions.

4. The Clock is Ticking for Energy corporations

While uncertainty continues to dominate the long term outlook of the energy sector, record gains by renewables, the increase of the fuel divestment movement and growing momentum for a world temperature change accord are putting pressure on ancient energy corporations to demonstrate that they’re serious concerning warming. Coal, oil, and gas corporations acknowledge climate change-related risks, however few have taken sufficient action to signal their acceptance of and commitment to the requirement to transition.

clock is ticking for energy corporations - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: Falling oil costs are seeming to briefly slow the speedy ascent of renewals, however, that may not relieve oil, gas, and coal producers from the requirement to reinvent their roles within the rising low-carbon economy.


  • The International Energy Agency predicts that star can become the dominant supply of electricity by 2050. Renewable energy created record gains in 2014 with drops in technology prices and speedyenlargement of capability and investments.
  • Utility big E. On’s announcement that it might split its operations to concentrate on clean energy raises the prospect of success of Germany’s Energiewende program that aims to thoroughly eliminate fossil fuels.
  • The fuel divestment movement saw gains in 2014, with redoubled civic participation and over $50 billion divested by quite one hundred eighty establishment and shut to 700 people. The notion of “stranded assets” is gaining recognition as a risk issue poignant thought investment selections.

5. Re-imagining a “Future Fit” work

Shifting world demographics are compelling businesses to reconfigure labor practices and accommodate a multi-generational and progressively various work force. Whereas salary queries still dominate the oral communication concerning honest employment practices, corporations recognizing that wages and contracts are solely a part of the puzzle.

re-imagining a future fit work - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: Workplaces that are suited the longer term can implement the broader drivers of welfare like versatile operating hours and schedules, terms of contracts that are helpful for each employer and staff, larger investments in coaching and education, and flexibility to staff operating till a later age.


  • progressive corporations acknowledge the talents and pertinacity of older employees and developing inventive ways in which to accommodate their desires, together with providing half-retirement contracts, prioritizing senior employee skills in hiring, making new positions, and dynamic technology settings.
  • to satisfy the wants of younger employees, Starbucks proclaimed that it might give funding for workers to receive a university education. After it additionally proclaimed upgrading its programing package to modify managers to create duty period schedules a lot of family-friendly.
  • The Asian nation is providing corporations tax incentives if they establish nurseries and permit for versatile operating hours therefore sanctionative mothers to participate within the work force.

6. Company Diversity on the far side Gender

Although gender continues to steer the workforce diversity, oral communication, stakeholders and corporations are turning their focus to further dimensions of inclusion like race, quality and sexual orientation. Technology companies created a giant leap in 2014, revealing worker’s information reflective gender, racial and ethnic under representation and acknowledging the requirement to vary.

company diversity on the far side - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: In 2015, corporations are expected to demonstrate their commitment to diversity through bold targets and goal-setting — however, if Apple’s business executive starting off as gay to bring visibility to the fairness issue is any indication, the company sector still has a lot of to try to create diversity a part of its structure desoxyribonucleic acid.


  • Geographic region giants Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon created headlines in 2014 when finally revealing their diversity figures. School corporations are beneath increasing pressure from stakeholders, together with civil rights activist Jackson, to tackle the preponderantly “white male” composition of their workforces.
  • Apple business executive Tim Cook’s starting off in public highlighted the extent of that LGBT discrimination remains Associate in Nursing unresolved and barely mentioned issue within the company would.
  • Next year can see a lot of corporations saying diversity targets that transcend gender. As an example, KPMG’s goals are set across gender, race, incapacity and sexual orientation.

7. Pressure Rises on companies to Eradicate Slavery

The number of world human rights violations is rising in recent years, with an outsized share of infringements attributed to workers’ rights violations, land grabs, and illicit provide chain practices in rising markets. As stakeholders signifies the restrictions of provide chain audits, corporations are pressured to lift answers standards and implement new measures.

pressure rises on companies to eradicate slavery - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: In 2015, the united kingdom is ready to pass the fashionable Slavery Bill, one in every of the primary laws of its kind within the world, however, it’ll take more years of conjunctive support by stakeholders to envision a shift from voluntary to required regulative frameworks on slavery and alternative human rights problems.


  • Human rights violations have up by seventieth within the last six years, per Human Rights Watch and Maplecroft. Government repression and conflicts are key factors accounting for the rise, several violations are attributed to company actions.
  • The trendy Slavery Bill that was debated within the UK Parliament would force businesses to report efforts towards eradicating modern slavery from their provide chains.
  • Pope Francis has drawn up a lot of action to combat human trafficking and slavery by appealing to customers to not get merchandise factory-made by exploiting employees. The International Labor Organization estimates that forced labor generates $150 billion in illicit profits annually.

8. Ethical Deficit Haunts Banks and companies

Questions about the state of ethics still plague, massive multinationals and banks following a year marked by felony scandals, penalties on the finance sector and reports light lack of transparency across industries. Multiple corporations have fought accusations of avoiding paying their justifiable share of taxes by moving tax domiciles abroad.

ethical deficit haunts banks and companies - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: whereas European and United States governments have taken steps in 2014 to restrain on tax inversion, they’ll introduce even stronger measures in 2015. That said, it’ll take a few years for regulators, stakeholders, and businesses to maneuver the needle on the problem.


  • In what’s turning into Associate in Nursing progressively traditional pattern, Barclays, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan and HSBC were among several monetary establishments suspects of bending the principles to create profit, which moon-faced important regulative fines and alternative penalties as a result.
  • OECD countries in agreement on a series of measures to scale back “tax reduction by international companies” and therefore the federal government issued new rules likewise. Burger King, Pfizer and Walgreens had to stave off accusations of trying tax inversion.
  • GlaxoSmithKline and Tesco suffered blows to their reputations when, severally, being found guilty of felony by Chinese courts and overstating profits.

9. Corporations Set for a bigger Role in International Development

As the dividing lines between industrial and rising markets blur, international companies are increasingly promoting economic process within the developing world and contributory to solutions to complicated world issues like economic condition. The role of corporations is ready to more accelerate as UK agencies and therefore the EU strengthen their concentrate on the participation of business in international development.

corporations set for a bigger role in international development - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: The world organization can settle seventeen property Development Goals (SDGs) and their implementation are a vital check on the personal sector’s craving and ability for larger involvement in world social, political, and economic affairs.


  • The world organization can settle a group of seventeen SDGs in 2015. The planned goals calibrated themes: ending economic condition and hunger, and up health, education, and gender equality. They additionally embody specific targets for reducing difference, creating cities safe, and addressing temperature change.
  • The international organization world Compact is reviewing ways in which businesses and monetary establishments will support the priorities of the post-2015 agenda. Along side the worldwide coverage Initiative, the international organization world Compact has created a world network of pros and is functioning with forward-thinking corporations to implement a guide that supports businesses in assessing their impact, orienting their ways with the SDGs, and setting company goals.

10. The Promise of client Engagement

Corporate property leaders have recognized that achieving long-lived amendment needs reaching on the far side company-wide initiatives. As companies hunt for innovative ways in which to have interaction customers in the positive behavior amendment, Millennials are a key demographic, with the quantity of youth engagement initiatives on property and environmental problems growing steady.

the promise of client engagement - sustainable living at 2015

Near at future: With the increasing use of social media platforms, we are going to see a lot of innovation during this sphere in 2015 – though not all analysis supports the claim that deeper engagement ends up in a lot of property consumption patterns. Corporations can hunt for stronger proof to make a copy promoting initiatives as they additionally expand efforts geared toward alternative age teens.


  • Twenty-nine leading companies and non-profits together with Coca-Cola, IKEA, and PepsiCo have joined forces to launch “Collectively”, a digital platform meant to have interaction Millennials in property lifestyles.
  • Many corporations have revealed analysis concerning the success of selling initiatives specifically targeted at Millennials. However, findings are mixed with some indicating Millennials as key drivers in property consumption, whereas others show no important variations across age teens.
  • The quantity of apps that modify customers to measure a lot of property lifestyles and create a moral shopping for selections has seen Brobdingnagian growth, from data on product credentials to the supply of sharing economy services.

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