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One of the primary countries within the world to embrace trendy electrical cars, Japan has long been thought-about one thing of a shining example on however auto fast charging infrastructure ought to be enforced.

In fact, look into the charging station maps for Japan, and you’ll see an ocean of CHAdeMO DC fast chargers blanketing each major route from north to south and east to west, thanks partially to pro- auto incentives and a nationwide — instead of a regional — approach to charging station readying. As of earlier this month, there have been over two, 819 CHAdeMO DC fast chargers put in across the country, much more than the one, 532 put in within the whole of Europe or 854 found within the U.S.

japan electric car charging spots

That huge variety of accessible, reliable charging stations combined with lower-power level two charging provisions — each personal and public — currently means that they’re square measure a lot of dedicated charging stations in Japan than there square measure gas stations.

Far more, in fact: The country’s number-two car manufacturer Nissan says there square measure currently 40,000 electric car charging spots units – together with those within personal homes – across the state, compared with 34,000 hydrocarbon stations.

example of electric car charging spots

Green-car skeptics take note: Japan currently has a lot of electrical car charging spots than gas stations.

While gas stations have multiple pumps and may service more cars, the figures underscore efforts to spice up green-vehicle infrastructure in Japan, long a pacesetter in an exceedingly sector that is still little globally.

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