Chief Sustainability Officer Role in Corporations

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Study of 1200 organization investigating what you need to know before your hire a Chief Sustainability Officer for your company.

Healthy organizationshave always looked for ways to reduce costs in the near term, appeal to customers and employees, and ensure the long term viability of the organization.

The current trend toward sustainability in organizations is exciting because it supports all of these business objectives. Hudson Gain Corporation, the leadership solutions firm, has conducted a comprehensive study on sustainability and leadership. Specifically we reviewed the role of the head of sustainability in organi- zations. The study includes research on over 1200 companies, and leverages interviews with over 60 sustainability executives. This document provides insight on the key responsibilities and challenges of the sustainability boss, as well as guidance for creating and filling the role. We hope this study will prove useful to any organization seeking to fill the role of chief sustainability officer, whether creating the role for the first time or upgrading the function, or whether filling the role with an internal candi- date or conducting an external search for the right sustainability leader.

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