Energy efficiency and climate Protection

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German aviation is reducing its specific energy consumption from year to year. In 2014, the airlines achieved an all-time record by reducing fuel consumption to an average of 3.64 litres of kerosene per 100 passenger-kilometres. In this Aviation Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Report 2015, the German Aviation Association (BDL) presents the key indicators as well as the strategies and measures that lead to improved energy efficiency and climate protection.

  • Aviation energy efficiency in key indicators 2015
  • Disconnecting kerosene consumption from traffic growth
  • Traffic growth refers to the air transport services of all departures from airports in Germany.
  • A new efficiency record in passenger transport Average consumption of the German air fleet: 3.64 litres
    Average consumption of the German air fleet: 3.64 litres

This statistic takes into account all BDL passenger airlines, including their subsidiaries. Source: BDL based on company data
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