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A slightly slimmed down draft was released at COP21 on Thursday morning. With progress comes ongoing contention over climate finance and loss and damage.

At a press conference on Thursday hosted by Climate Action Network International, Kaisa Kosonan of Greenpeace said that negotiations of the current ADP session has “made progress,” especially on defining long-term climate and emissions goals.

Kosonan said that the concept of a Celsius limit on global warming is gaining wider acceptance, especially after French president François Hollande mentioned it in his speech on Monday. Many leaders, particularly those of small island and other more vulnerable nations, maintain that the goal of 2-degrees Celsius rise over pre-industrial levels will burden their people with suffering and loss from the devastating impacts from climate change, for which they are largely not responsible.

Even if the climate pact endorses a 1.5-degrees Celsius limit, which is by no means certain, or even likely, many scientists say the world is already locked into 1.5 degrees, no matter what happens going forward

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