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THE world’s once-surging greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for global warming, may have gone into decline. Figures to be published this week will show that global emissions neared a plateau last year and could fall this year — even as the world economy is growing.

Scientists will say this week that man-made emissions “nearly stalled” at 37bn tonnes of CO2 last year — and are on track to stabilise or drop slightly this year.

The new figures, which will be formally published tomorrow, come at a crucial time, with politicians from 195 countries attending the UN climate talks in Paris. Their aim is to cut emissions enough to limit global warming to below 2C by 2100.

Sir Brian Hoskins, who chairs the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London and is also a member of the government’s committee on climate change, welcomed the figures.

“The importance of this is that the earlier we hit peak emissions, then the less CO2 that will have accumulated in the air and the easier it is to stay below 2C of warming. If we peak later, say in 2025, then the cuts we have to make will be much greater and it is uncertain if we could actually do it.”

The significance of the figures, produced by The Global Carbon Project (GCP), is that they show, for the first time in the modern era, that greenhouse gas emissions could be falling even as the world economy is growing. Global economic growth is projected at 3.3% for 2015 by the International Monetary Fund

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