The fifth Curaçao Clean Up

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The fifth Curaçao Clean Up last Saturday was a complete triumph. This is according to the members of the organization who highlighted that this year got on their initiative. They took care of St. Joris Bay, Caracas Bay, the center area and various undersea places around the island.

Curaçao Clean Up - Sint Joris Baai

This year, the organization resided in the hands of volunteers themselves: everyone in Curaçao who intended to clean must find a location and gather a group of volunteers. The Curaçao Clean Up Foundation facilitated like other years, brooms, rakes, gloves and thousands of sturdy garbage bags.

In addition to hundreds of volunteers, the action was again achieved thanks to a number of financial and material sponsors, for which the Curaçao Clean Up Foundation is very grateful. The number of kilos collected is not yet known, but for the foundation, this is not important. “We have chosen a new form for organizing the Clean Up. People have become familiar with the event in recent years and know how it works. It felt like the right time to put more initiative into the participants themselves,” said Corinne Van Hal of the institution.

Clean Up - Klein Curaçao Clean Up - Curaçao Sint Joris Baai Clean Up - Curaçao Sint Joris Baai Clean Up - Curaçao Sint Joris Baai Clean Up - Curaçao Sint Joris Baai


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