Ways the oil industry is coming to be safer and more sustainable

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Sustainable oil industry

Contrary to what is commonly thought, the sustainable oil industry is possible. The oil industry is one of the most immensely colossal pollutants and climate change contributors. However, the scientists and engineers perpetuate establishing certain technological amendments sanctioning to get it safer and sustainable for the environment.   Oil and gas manufacturing are among the… Read more »

Clean Up at Curaçao’s Island was a Great Success

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The fifth Curaçao Clean Up

The fifth Curaçao Clean Up last Saturday was a complete triumph. This is according to the members of the organization who highlighted that this year got on their initiative. They took care of St. Joris Bay, Caracas Bay, the center area and various undersea places around the island. This year, the organization resided in the… Read more »

Global Warming: How It Is Impacting the Enterprise Earth

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Global Warming

In the article, “The Big Business of Global Warming”, one of the companies that are discussed is the pharmaceutical company Bayer. According to the article, “7 Ways Climate Change Affects Companies”, companies are now spending more money for upgrades on their facilities in order to control the emissions that they give off. Many companies will… Read more »

Google says it will reach 100% renewable resource for its worldwide companies in 2017

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Image Credit: Google - 100% renewable resource

Google has been participated in by a variety of other big internet companies in seeking green energy for 100% renewable resource. Elsewhere, Microsoft recently revealed its major wind energy purchase, to this day, a 237-megawatt farm to power its Wyoming data center. Apple, too, has been purchasing solar farms, and Facebook joins the process of developing a… Read more »

15 Water Saving Tips for Green Living

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Water Saving Tips

Water is insufficient in many portions of the world and we here are misusing it like anything. Not deliberately however, but rather subconsciously the waste of dash will mean gallons of water. No big surprise, a day may come and we’ll be battling for some water seeing the darker side of life. Thus, as a… Read more »

What is meant by recycle of waste materials?

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Recycle of waste materials

When you thing about recycle of waste materials, have you ever bothered checking your daily waste disposal bags? Just to see if what all you are throwing away is actually a waste or it can be recycled in some way or the other. Most of us don’t think so or would consider that what we… Read more »

Characteristics of an Eco-Friendly Home

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Eco-Friendly Home

As the harmful effects being put on the earth by us is becoming more and more aware. Individuals are starting to become more responsible and are changing their lives to undo the irresponsible human tasks that are causing the harm, however, inevitable. But there are lots of ways and methods that you can use to… Read more »