What’s Watt in Wind Energy Infographic

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How much power do Wind Turbines, the tempest task masters of the sky tend to tap into? A Wind Farm of several turbines is a serious power station. Here we examine one Wind Turbine and how it relatesto your everyday power needs. Source: Visual.ly

World Water Day 2015: UN calls for global unity in pursuit of better water access for all

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world water day 2015

Today marks World Water Day, observed on 22 March every year to celebrate water and raise awareness of water-related issues. The list of reasons for a day dedicated to water is long, from issues of distributing it during disasters to improving sanitation and making sure drinking water is of sufficient quality. World Water Day is… Read more »

It’s Official: Japan now has more Electric Car Charging Spots than Gas Stations

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electric car charging spots

One of the primary countries within the world to embrace trendy electrical cars, Japan has long been thought-about one thing of a shining example on however auto fast charging infrastructure ought to be enforced. In fact, look into the charging station maps for Japan, and you’ll see an ocean of CHAdeMO DC fast chargers blanketing… Read more »

Alternative Energy – The long term substitute for fossil fuel

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alternative energy

There has been vast development within the field of different energy sources within the kind of alternative energy. The traditional energy sources that we have a tendency to square measure mistreatment come back primarily from fossil fuels and mineral oils. The electricity that we have a tendency to ordinarily use comes from thermal power wherever… Read more »

Solar Impulse 2 Around-The-World Flight Route Revealed

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Solar Impulse 2 around the world

Fans of Solar Impulse 2, the news is out! The primary ever Around-The-World flight official international route has been proclaimed by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, nation co-founders and pilots of Solar Impulse 2 (Si2), in Abu Dhabi today, January 20, 2014. The Solar Impulse 2 team says that the primary solar-powered plane ready to… Read more »

Our ten Trends for sustainable living at 2015

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sustainable living at 2015

Our 10 Trends for sustainable living at 2015 thinking over the past year and forecasts the problems that may form the property development agenda in 2015: 1. Scales Tip on world temperature change action By rising civic policy, stormy numbers of company commitments and a lot of decisive action by native and national governments, world… Read more »

Watch the year’s biggest climate stories in 2 minutes

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biggest climate stories in 2 minutes

A year of extreme weather, climate denial, and some hope.   This was a big year for climate stories, good and bad. In June, the Obama administration took its biggest step yet in the fight against global warming by introducing regulations to limit greenhouse gases from existing power plants. And while there was plenty of… Read more »

Energy Recovery Offers Savings to Gas Industry

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In early December 2014, Energy Recovery (ERII: Nasdaq) staged an analyst and investor event in New York City principally to introduce its most recent technology innovation, VorTeq. The product is a hydraulic fracturing solution for the gas industry. Unlike its other products, the VorTeq is a colossal apparatus requiring a semi-tractor to transport it into… Read more »