Industry + Ingenuity: 7 Silo Transformations that Fill Empty Voids with New Life

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silos transformation

See on – Green Living How can one transform a collection of concrete tubes into a site for experiencing contemporary culture? That was the question posed by British architect and artist Thomas Heatherwick of Heatherwick Studio, whose imaginative designs can be found everywhere from Manchester to Shanghai. Heatherwick is used to creating striking sculptures… Read more »

Lead Recycling – An Overview And Benefits

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lead recycling

Lead is a malleable and soft metal and it has been in use for around 5,000 years. The color of this naturally occurring element is bluish-white when it is mined. However, it soon appears dull grayish when exposed to air. It is also considered as the heaviest non-radioactive element. Lead enjoys one of the highest… Read more »

Responsible Business Practices for a Sustainable Society

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Sustainable Society

For a corporate entity to survive in India it needs to ensure its own economic growth, provide developmental tools for the society and become a sustainable business unit. There are many top performing businesses in the Indian IT sector, industrial division and other corporates that operate on the responsible business module. They follow the Corporate… Read more »

Nissan sees Electric Vehicles sales Boom

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nissan leaf - electric vehicle

Japanese carmaker Nissan may sell more electric vehicles that the company initially thought, after more and more countries in the world are embracing fossil-fuel alternatives – Nissan’s global electric-vehicle business vice president Billy Hayes told WSJ. Since the introduction in 2010 of its Leaf model, Nissan sold more than 100,000 units globally – and the… Read more »

Treehugger Tidings Be Green (Video)

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Be green: sustainable living in action In this video, some simple and easy tips are provided by Mr. Dennis Elliot, assistant director of energy, utilities and sustainability, as well as everyday sustainable habits of students around Cal Poly. Source: Treehugger Tidings

Electricity Produced Directly From Biomass Using Solar-induced Hybrid Fuel Cell

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Electricity Produced Directly From Biomass Using Solar-induced

See on – Green Living Although low temperature fuel cells powered by methanol or hydrogen have been well studied, existing low temperature fuel cell technologies cannot directly use biomass as a fuel because of the lack of an effective catalyst system for polymeric materials. Now, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed… Read more »

Scientists Say Their Giant Laser Has For The First Time Produced Nuclear Fusion

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giant laser

See on – Green Living Researchers at a laboratory in California say they’ve had a breakthrough in producing fusion power with a giant laser. The success comes after years of struggling to get the laser to work, and is another step in the decades-long quest for fusion energy. Omar Hurricane, a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National… Read more »