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5 Window Treatments That Can Reduce Your Energy Consumption
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In the summer: Shades work best to lower energy consumption in the summer by blocking harsh sunlight.

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go green home

Many people want to go green, in the face of such clear and deadly climate change. However, they are not particularly sure how. Though you may recognize how important going green is to help future generations, you may think you cannot do much to help. However, every small step you take to combat climate change helps. By following the simple tips below, you can help change the impact you have on the environment, starting today.

On cold mornings, stop starting your car for a few minutes before you get into it. Additionally, don’t idle your car if you are waiting for someone, if you are pulled over, or if you are waiting to pickup a child from school. Though the heat in your car may not be as hot, and you may have to ride in mild discomfort for a brief period of time, is saves you from wasting gas, and puts less exhaust into the air. Making the amount of fuel you waste and the amount of emissions you produce less are both great, free, and easy ways to decrease your carbon footprint. Additionally, they actually save you some money per month, which is a rewarding reason to do them.

Shut down your PC or laptop every night. Though this may mean you have to wait a few seconds for it to boot up again in the morning, shutting down your PC is one of the only ways to ensure it stops consuming energy. If your computer is a laptop, consider unplugging it at night, too, so that it does not continue to draw energy despite not being powered on. If unplugging electronics is difficult because of the location of the outlet, consider using a power trip, and switching the whole block of electronics off as your go to sleep.

Check with your utility companies to see if you can utilize green energy, like that produced by tides, wind, or the sun. In some areas, you will be unable to do anything without going completely off-the-grid and producing your own energy. In others, though, you can contact another power company that may produce its own wind energy.

Drop the heat in your heated house, or raise the heat in your air-conditioned house, by one or two degrees. This small measure adds up greatly over time, and does not make much of a difference in the actual feel of how warm or cold your house is. You can also decide to turn on your heat later in the year, if possible, or not air condition your house one summer. Set ‘temperature limits’ when you will turn on the air conditioner or turn off the heat. If it gets above 50 degrees, but lower than 95, consider not using any heat or air conditioning.

Do you laundry in cold water. In addition to preventing your colors from running, washing your clothes in cold water means that you will not have to use energy to heat up the water your clothes are washed in.
Pay bill online to save paper. Additionally, stop getting the newspaper, and read your news online.

Article Source: wrote by Dr. Ashraf Hanafy Mahmoud Mohammed

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eco friendly

With the advent of the climate changes and the threat to the global nature, now the companies and production houses are trying to initiate generous job to the environs by manufacturing the eco friendly items. Therefore, the igreenthink is doing its bid to world with its eco friendly services.

The message is very clear and sharp that the corporate world is trying to give out, is to build an eco friendly shield on the planet earth. Everything of our day to day usable products is now eco friendly. The service has taken innumerable eco friendly projects like eco friendly shopping to the eco friendly products. Their new and fresh green journey is inspiring all to buy green.

The professional entrepreneurs and businessmen of the service are showing their noble interest to develop new ideas to boost the green concept. They are also recruiting people on the per time job basis who can work from home while delivering the schemes and objectives of the service. The green products and green shopping offered by the igreenthink is nature friendly to conserve the energies of the nature in better way. These eco friendly products are the invention of the latest technology. These environment friendly products include cloths, earrings, face cream, carpet, pet furs and umbrella to name few. These are recyclable. Also there are eco green products like hand bags, gifts, home décor accessories even jewelry. Moreover, green home products like cleaner, paper towels are even reusable. The natural organic product firming is the boon for the service containing sustainable and less preservatives. From now on people can gift candy wrappers, baskets, food packages, tissue papers, gift boxes; all these items are eco friendly gifts. Eco friendly bags are also specially in demand for its attractive look. The service is promoting the eco friendly clothing like t shirt, shoes, shorts, aprons with the other household stuffs. Especially now when the auspicious Christmas is going on people are looking for the eco friendly Christmas gifts to breath fresh life into the environment. From the service’s generous activities, one can even develop the green gift ideas to create beautiful handicrafts by reusable things instead of dumping them. People don’t have to fear for the germ killing pesticide contained in the cleaning products as they can easily get the green cleaning products. The service is endorsing the green promotional items and green promotional products which are made of pure natural things.

The hospitality industry and corporate services are very concerned about the health of the consumers and the buyers. With these eco green products they are issuing brochures and leaflets to make people understand their conservation program. The concern over the environmental safety is growing fast as the nature threatening sources are looming over the planet earth.

Source: wrote by Surajit Bhattacharjee

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