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Brentano Green

In the fall of 2001, Brentano introduced their first leather and vinyl alternatives. Today, both of those patterns, Vapor and Satin, are part of Brentano’s expansive offering of eco-friendly polyurethane textiles. With each year since, Brentano’s design team has continued to develop and introduce innovative, usable, and environmentally-minded polyurethane textiles.

brentano green design

For their spring 2013 Symphonic collection, Brentano has once again raised the bar for leather and vinyl alternatives, adding two new patterns to the Brentano Green line. Primal is an eco-friendly polyurethane that has been printed with a bold animal print and comes in 8 fashion-inspired colors. Remix takes its cue from the innovative Brentano fabric Pavé and uses a casted effect that simulates the appearance of a woven textile but cuts the cost—all while remaining a greener alternative to leather and vinyl.


Brentano is also pleased to announce that they are now offering a comprehensive polyurethane binder that is dedicated to their extensive selection of eco-friendly and innovative alternatives to leather and vinyl. Designers interested in obtaining a binder should contact either their Brentano representative or Brentano customer service for more information.


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Our eyes are our world. Loss of sight can be a dreadful experience for any one. To combat this challenge, a retinal implant or a bionic eye has been developed by scientists at Stanford University in California. It is powered by light as compared to present day implants which are run on batteries. This device uses a unique pair of spectacles to shaft a stream of light into the eye. This sends signals to the implant helping the patient to see. This will also eliminate the need of wiring and other necessary accessories. This wireless implant will help in creation of vision for blind patients and also for patients suffering from retinal or visual disorders.

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The green revolution has impacted almost every sector of the economy. Now, eco-friendly technology is revolutionizing the way we think about architecture. Every part of the architectural process is undergoing huge changes.


When people think of green architecture, they often picture simple modifications, such as the substitution of environmentally friendly materials for less sustainable ones. While this can certainly be a viable means of reducing a project’s carbon footprint, it is by no means the only way to make a positive impact. The best green projects are the ones that go above and beyond, completely altering the way people think of architecture as a whole. The following are just a few of the spectacular developments taking place in architecture today.

Vertical Gardens Disaster-Resisant Buildings Walkable Roofs Garden Skyscrapers 

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