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go green living

Switching to green living all of sudden might distress a lot of people from implementing those earth-friendly changes. There are numerous ways to ease into this practice and still assist in saving the planets natural environment.

Pollution is a significant problem for some towns and cities. A fair bit of it is produced by the factories, but that’s not the only avenue leading to global warming. Motor vehicles emit a fair volume of pollution in to the air.

When you have a great deal of cars and trucks driving around on the city roads, you’re multiplying the quantities of pollutants being emitted by each vehicle that’s doing damage to our ozone. If you wish to help save environmental surroundings, you can begin by either car pooling, walking more instead of driving a vehicle or maybe purchasing hybrid models that don’t do as much damage.

This kind of small change should bring much relief for the environment for future generations. There are many ways to adapt green living into your lifestyle by taking a glance at your home. What kind of light bulbs are you currently using?

The standard bulbs we use only play a role in higher power bills plus more carbon dioxide. In the event you switch at least a few of your common light bulbs with the stream-lined fluorescent bulbs, you’ll save the environment whilst saving on your power bill.

Make sure you seal off any spaces around windows and doors to keep any cold drafts from coming into the house, which may cost you more cash. Make sure the property is well insulated to help you cut down on those charges in the wintertime. The less the furnace or heating unit is required to operate, the better off every body will be.

Take a look at your home appliances. Are they devouring too much power? If they’re older models, the answer’s probably yes. Though a few of the changes are in the appliances which you use, other ways to go green involve your own personal habits and actions.

Do you open the oven door several times to check and see if something is cooked? The harder an appliance has to work, the harder it can be on the natural environment. If you keep opening the stove door, the temps will drop almost twenty five degrees. It will then have to work harder to get back to the original temperature.

Recycling where possible is a great method for saving our environment. Try to buy as many products as you can that can be recycled. Avoid the non-recyclable products such as Styrofoam cups. The less trash that must be burned – or buried into our soil – the better off the world will be.

All of these tiny changes may seem like they could not help much for the environment, but they can help tremendously. Every little bit we do is really a much-needed step toward reserving natural resources for our our children and grandchildren. Get involved with the environment and begin to make a difference in the practice of green living for our earth.

Source: wrote by Carl Hurley

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eco friendly kitchen technology

Proceeding green has numerous positive aspects for your residence, when offering positives to the setting, too. The basic alterations you implement to make your own home energy efficient will reduce your electric costs considerably. Read through the following tips to understand how you can use much less strength in your own home.

Consume power much more wisely by unplugging your system chargers when they are not being used. Anytime a battery charger is connected, it is actually utilizing some vitality.

Drinking water-saving toilets can get you going on a greener lifestyle. Toilets take into account approximately 50 percent of water use from the average home. An more mature product bathroom utilizes a great deal more water than a h2o-conserving a single, 5 gallons as opposed to 1.6 gallons, nearly 70 % far more.

Get rid of your aged home appliances and replace all of them with Energy Star-qualified appliances. This score is provided simply to energy efficient home appliances which are guaranteed to help save strength around regular appliances like the kinds you are replacing. This ranking can assure anywhere from a 20-50% difference in strength expenses, according to the manufacturer as well as the precise equipment.

In case you are focused on putting in solar power panels make sure you consider an inventory of your own home’s kitchen appliances, simply how much you use them and the power they need to use before you meet with individuals to acquire rates. This checklist can help the installer offer you an a lot more precise quotation, while he will foundation the quotation on the volume of strength you want each day.

Weatherizing your home is a wonderful way to save money on your costs. Closing ducts, utilizing strength-efficient windows, and including insulation can aid in reducing energy usage. Aside from that, additionally, you will have got a much lower power expenses!

Solar power systems have several rewards, while you are actually informed. Solar energy panels are easy to put in and might work for an excellent length of time. When you install solar power panels into your residence, you “live green” and help out the environment.

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English: Storm water drain Underground pipe fr...

English: Storm water drain Underground pipe from Oundle with an capped outflow into the River Nene near Ashton Lock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green infrastructure is an eco friendly medium of storing and managing the storm water by the process that was used earlier by nature. These processes has been used and maintained by the nature ever since it was created.

Meaning of green infrastructure?

With the development of structures and buildings in a habitable area, the systems occurring naturally to handle storm water have been greatly disturbed. Roads were built, buildings came up and the soil was compacted by equipments used in construction. A result of these activities was that the amount and extent of soil that could allow storm water to drain was greatly reduced. Only about 2-3 percent of rain that fell on a particular area flowed in the surface area.

The greater flow of storm water has given rise to a few problems. Erosion has taken place in stream banks and building foundations are under treat. In some places, costly shoring has been done to save property. In some areas high voltage ac ductwork on some properties is collecting water. Roads are getting flooded due to subsurface water coming up.

Green Infrastructure concept has come into action to counter all these problems. Green infrastructure found its birth in USA, in mid nineties, to take care of the increasing problems of how to tackle storm water. The biggest source of water pollution in USA is the storm water or non-point source water.

Back 50 years the method used was to collect the excess water and dispose it to some distant land by means of collection system. This process has however turned out of date and it has been replaced by green infrastructure.

Elements of Green infrastructure

In the management of the rain water usage of the vegetation is made by the green water. Apart from that the sour of the water is also examined. The two elements used in the process are bioswales and rain garden.

The greatest source of storm water is rain falling on rooftops. Many rooftops presently have a storm water collection system with downspouts and gutters. However, in some cases, the downspouts connect to pipes that surface on a downgrade and storm water drains into adjacent properties. In some other cases, the collected storm water drains onto road ways and driveways.

Downspout extensions direct the storm water into a permeable area such as a rain garden or bioswale close to the source. The downspout extension is a simpler less expensive way to address the storm water issue.

Rain-gardens and bioswales are placed lower in terms of height than the areas around them. The soil is treated in such a way that it allows the rain water to seep though many layers of both soil gravel. The rain-garden or bioswales captures rain water and then filters it thus reducing storm water running away and pollution.

The bio wells and rain gardens are constructed with there is maximum collection of the rain water. Generally local plans are planted to save the soil erosion and retail water up to 1 inch.

A lot of positive thinking, with productive planning and tremendous effort the idea of the green infrastructure projects have come into being. It has also been proved to be comparatively less expensive and simpler than the other methods of the environment conservation.

Find out more about Environmental Consulting Insurance here and how Beacon Hill Associates can help you.

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green living health

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green living

Green living is a popular subject across the globe. It has now become common to hear of green international conferences and green activists. Green living is any effort or action that saves natural resources, reduces carbon foot print or is by itself eco-friendly.

There are numerous forms of green living. These include the use of green building materials, green energy sources such as fossil fuels and natural resources, eating of foods that are produced without chemicals and the reuse or recycling of materials.

Green living helps ensure that people do not contract diseases associated with reckless lifestyles. In our homes and environment, we are likely to inhale volatile organic compound gases. The household products one uses emit VOC gases. The ailments associated with VOC gases include asthma, allergies and respiratory complications. Pollution in our environment such as fuel and chemical emissions, dust particles, hazardous materials and more also contribute to diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory diseases.

VOC gases are present in flooring, paints, stains and carpets. Green living health measures help combat the menace of polluted air. It helps to insist on the use of recycled wood products for our doors, tables and furniture. Flooring should be from natural resources such as bamboo or recycled wood. It is advisable to use paints that have low VOC elements. Recycled glass is good for glass items. One should also ensure that they vacuum the house often to get rid of the VOC elements absorbed in the furniture.

Health and green living go hand in hand. Apart from the health risks in our homes, there are other health concerns outside the house. The depletion of our natural resources is one of the reasons for global warming on earth. Cutting down of trees is one basic example of misuse of natural resources. Deforestation not only contributes to soil erosion, it also leads to the displacement of wild life and extinction of some animal species. Apart from that, chopping of trees disrupts weather patterns and has adverse effects on the air circulated thus affecting health and green living. In the end, the air inhaled is rich in chemical elements that are harmful to human health.

The health benefits of green living ensure the air inhaled is pure and safe. Purification of air is possible through an eco-friendly approach to life. Planting of trees is one way of purifying the air. Recycling helps reduce manufacturing practices which are responsible for the chemical emissions released into our atmosphere. Natural energy sources also contribute to reducing the human carbon foot print.

Several diseases and ailments can be termed as the diseases that are bound to afflict those who reject eco-friendly lifestyles. Respiratory infections come because of exposure to VOC gases and chemical elements in the air. Asthma and Allergies are common where products used contain fragrances. The emission of chemicals in the atmosphere leads to the shedding away of the Ozone layer. The sun’s ozone layer protects living things from harmful radioactive elements. As it quickly sheds away, the human species is vulnerable to cancer, ageing and other serious afflictions.

It is evident that green living is not an over emphasized theory. Eco-friendly solutions reduce water and energy consumption thus saving the environment. The use of solar energy and wind energy helps reduce the depletion of forest and water resources. In essence, green living is all about saving mother earth from a premature extinction.


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Bicycle Reef Predator

The electric bicycle rider just wants to fit in with regular bicycle riders, they don’t want to stand out, and look awkward, with large chunky batteries. With the latest game changing e bike technology developed by Reef Bikes Australia this is now possible.

Up until now, electric bicycles have not reached the great heights of quality and performance that the Australian market has been asking for. This years 2013 release of the Reef Bullshark and Reef Predator electric bike models are set to change that. With Samsung lithium battery technology hidden inside the bicycle frame, giving consumers the sleek design, and reliability they have been looking for.

Electric bicycle riders can cruise along effortlessly using the pedal assist sensor, get up hills without pedaling using the hand twist throttle, travel longer distances faster, all while looking like a regular bicycle!

The Reef Bullshark is the street legal version of the Predator, using the same frame technology with the Samsung lithium battery hidden in the frame. It comes with a 250W hub motor, LCD screen display, and high end components, Shimano Alivio gearsets, Suntour front shocks and Continental Explorer tyres. Components like these are only used on the top end bicycles, and now Reef Bikes is incorporating them onto electric bikes, giving the rider smoother efficient performance.

The Reef Predator is the pinnacle of electric bikes, with high end head turning components, monster dirt bike zoom suspension, dual high beam front spotlights, 2” LCD screen display on the dash, 26” x 2.5” fat dirt bike tyres, Shimano Alivio gearsets, Samsung lithium battery hidden inside the frame and a 500W offroad only motor will give you loads of power and acceleration.

For many years now electric bicycle consumers have been asking for reliability, hassle free maintenance, performance and style, all at an affordable price. Instead the market has been inundated with e-bike companies pop up overnight and disappear just as fast. This has affected the electric bicycle market, and has stopped it from going mainstream. But with this years vast improvements in technology we have seen more and more regular bicycle stores get interested in electric bikes now.

After many years of resistance from road racing enthusiast shops against the electric bike movement, we have now seen a turn around. With these exact shops now stocking electric bikes all over Australia. Even “The Price Is Right” TV game show with Larry Emdur has jumped on board, giving away a Reef Bullshark model every week on prime time television. With the speed of technology advancements in batteries, LCD Displays and components, exciting times are ahead!

Source: wrote by Reef Bikes Pty Ltd

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eco green furniture

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green furniture

As people start to build or remodel their homes to be more eco-friendly, the area that’s gaining traction is eco-furniture. There is a huge amount of variety with eco-friendly furniture, like modern and modular designs to more vintage, wood-based furniture. Using furniture that is eco-friendly is great because they are developed with very little impact on the natural world.

The furniture is actually made of renewable resources and uses few chemicals so it does modest harm to the environment. To make the furniture less toxic, herbal oils and also polish are used instead of standard chemical-based. Due to the fact many of the furniture is crafted from recycled materials, these can be recycled as well. To live a green life, it really is all about using the resources that can be used repeatedly and not harming our environment.

Green Furniture Can Be Cool

In the past, green furniture was considered as not very exciting, but that has currently changed. There are many eco-friendly furniture that’s affordable but have designs that are just as good as the old-fashioned high-end furniture.

There are many designers who are also environmentalists producing these stylish eco-friendly home furnishings. When you are looking for furniture, you need to be searching for certain certifications such as LEED and FSC. Other things to check are to see if the source is renewable, and if it is likewise recyclable.

Is The Material Sustainable?

There are a number of points you want to take into account when you want your furniture to be environmentally friendly furniture. Things to ask include: Are the material sustainable or renewable like bamboo or cork? Are the materials from discarded furniture or even left overs from factories?

Additionally look to see if the materials are the sort that require little energy to process like stone, slate, wood or natural granite. The furniture ought to be totally without chemicals as well as compounds, like chlorine and raw wood preservatives.

Green Furnitue Does Use Much Energy

Green home furniture do not require the need for lots of working resources like electricity so it has almost no impact on the environment. The packaging cost will be minimal since they are using mostly reused materials.

Another example of a great green product, is one that is hand crafted, and is produced without utilizing much fuel, making it eco-friendly. Any furniture that is produced using recycled materials and refined in a way that does not produce much waste materials is eco-friendly.

In Summary

There are several building products that are eco-friendly because they create a green system by minimizing the environmental impact. An example of this is bamboo which generally grows very quickly and is often used for flooring and furniture.

Eco-friendly furniture doesn’t have to mean ugly considering that designers a creating some wonderful things. The eco-movement is developing each day as people see the value and cool variations of these products. It will probably do wonders to the eco-movement when men and women equate going green with being fashionable.

Source: wrote by Holly Franklin

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As more and more people recognize the positive effect green living has on our ecosystem, it is becoming a more accepted way of living. However, due to misconceptions, there are still people that are uncertain on how this can be achieved without gravely compromising their quality of life.

Many people think that with green living, you have to go out and live in the wild and do without normal everyday amenities like running water. This, nevertheless, is not at all true. The truth is that you can hold on to the many of the comforts and even severala few of the luxuries that you currently enjoy while both saving money and doing your share for the environment. But what are some method in which this can be done? Can you genuinely be able to live green?

Decreasing pollution and saving electrical energy are the major focus of living green. Since a typical air conditioner uses a great amount of electrical energy, consider obtaining a cooling system that consumes less electricity. However, if you live in a very cold climate, you without doubt love using heated floors to keep warm. But you can really achieve a similar result by running heated water through pipes; plus, you’ll save on energy. Installing a new floor heating system takes time and money but, for several reasons, it is a great green living alternative. To start with, heating the floor helps to make your feet stay warm, and when your feet are warm the rest of your body tends to stay warm as well. In addition, as heat rises, you can actually use a low speed ceiling fan to keep the warmer air spreading and thus warming your place. The water that is utilized is cycled the same manner as it does in a car radiator so you are not throwing it in any way. Utilizing less energy to heat your floor will reduce your total carbon footprint as well as save money on your monthly electric bill.

Even little steps are important when it comes to helping the environment. You can lower how much electricity you use to heat water by wrapping your water heater with certified thermal covers. Switching off electric appliances and switching off lights will also save not only electricity but also your hard-earned cash. One final thing you can do is to turn down the temperature on your water heater to help cut down your electric bills.

You will be astonished at how many little things you can do daily to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly. Begin your green living adventure with a couple simple steps and you will discover how great of a difference you can make in the long run.

Source: wrote by Logan Jesse

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Eco Technology Show 2013

The two-day event has secured speakers from BT, Ikea and Energy Saving Trust to provide in-depth insights into key industry issues such as the Green Deal and domestic energy efficiency retrofits, commercial property and renewable energy, and innovation, smarter transport and waste.

The event will take place in Brighton on 14-15 June.

Seminar highlights for trade visitors include:

Sevenoaks Energy Academy director of business operations Richard Gould – How the trade can make money out of the Green Deal: How trade visitors can benefit commercially from the government’s Green Deal building energy efficiency retrofit programme.
Brighton & Hove City Council sustainability officer Francesca Iliffe & Matthew Turner of AecomSouth Downs and Brighton & Hove renewable energy case study: The pros & cons of renewable energy options and where they can be installed. MD Kevin Byrne – The benefits of working with vetted and reputable tradespeople: How cowboys are damaging the reputations of honest traders, what businesses can do about it and how to spot a rogue trader.

Eco Technology Show commercial director Nicola Gunstone commented: “We are delighted to have so many influential industry leaders and speakers involved.

“This event will create tangible opportunities for companies to network, promote themselves and do business with exhibitors and other visitors.”


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