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eco friend printers

Being seen as eco friendly is now almost essential to a company’s image. Using green technology, reducing carbon footprint, encouraging recycling and using recycled materials, renewable energy sources and waste management have become key to an organization’s CSR image.

Using green printed stationery and business merchandise is one area where many corporations can use green technology. One of the biggest trends in eco-friendly printing that’s being seen in the marketplace today is that of paper use.

Paper: More and more traditional printing companies are reporting that clients request the use of FSC paper, recycled or recyclable materials, and preferring to use sustainable social forestry products rather than the old wasteful methods. Other alternatives are leaf paper or living tree paper, which does not require felling. In fact many printing companies even advice clients to go paperless as much as they can, by digitally storing documents, files and other important papers. Double-sided printing can save costs by as much as 30%.

Inks: Using vegetable, organic or soy-based inks is essential for an eco-friendly printing company. Traditional inks are petroleum based and lead to enormous amounts of toxic waste being released into the environment. Similarly, adhesives and gums to finish the paper and give textured, glossy finishes should be green too, otherwise they will render the paper un-recyclable. Using green printed stationery and business merchandise is one area where many corporations can use green technology. Printing process: New waterless printing technologies are emerging which conserve precious water resources and also give efficient, clean and simple printing processes. It’s up to a company or business to check with their printers whether they’re using such new technology, otherwise, going green would be futile if it simply means using recycled paper and green inks.

Renewable energy: An eco-friendly printing company also uses appropriate renewable energy resources like solar, wind or wave energy wherever possible. For a truly green philosophy to be consistent, clients must also check whether all the components have been produced using such renewable resources. For instance, whether the paper and ink have also been produced with the green tag in mind.

Using the services of a green printing company was seen some time ago as being an expensive fad, but today as more and more clients and customers of big corporations are voicing their concern over eco-friendly practices, the green lobby is finally coming into its own. “Green” has now emerged as a prestigious tag to have on a company’s business stationery, merchandise and events sponsored by it.Using green printed stationery and business merchandise is one area where many corporations can use green technology.

Source: wrote by Christopher Cliff

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eco house

Many people ignore the effect about how their own everyday life as well as how their living space is designed can affect the surroundings. Here are some recommendations will give you ideas associated with a few simple affordable modifications that one may follow to create your way of life to a greener one.

Check the seals of your respective household fridges and ovens. Compromised seals allow cooled or heated air to escape from your fridge and oven, causing wastage of energy and costing you more income. To determine the seal integrity, a simple test will be to slide in one piece of paper through the door jam, if it slides out effortlessly, it indicates the particular seal needs to be replaced.

For food preparation, make use of a microwave whenever relevant to permit cost savings for power expenses. Additionally it is quicker as well as handy for food preparation unlike the using of stove or oven that will have a tendency to exhaust a lot more power.

For pots and pans, cover it with lids while preparing home-cooked meals. This will aid in retaining heat while cooking, allowing you to lower the settings on the stove that can help in saving energy.

Sealing your house where ever necessary, from the weather conditions will also aid in saving power. Close off ductwork, put insulation jacket for the hot water heaters, as well as high efficiency air conditioning to allow the actual decrease from the quantity of power necessary for every day living.

Use electrical heaters, only when necessary during winter months. As an alternative, spend money on hot apparel and also slip-ons for family users and also utilize a hearth or perhaps pellet oven for warming purposes. Whilst in the course of warmer months, make use of draperies or perhaps shades to block out sun light. This will aid in decreasing your usage of air-conditioning.

When picking brand new home appliances, select home appliances which are Energy Star certified. This means that the products conform to the energy efficiency rules set by the US Department of Energy and US EPA. A few of these items might even be eligible for taxes rebates upon installation. A good affordable product is the RPLS740B econoswitch from Honeywell that wil help you to manage the illumination of your home.

Consider bamboo made furniture as compared to wood made goods. Bamboo-made furniture is an excellent and sustainable alternative to timber for floor coverings, chopping boards and furniture with its faster growth rate. This will help to reduce the requirement for hardwood logging.

Hang up damp washing to be dried outdoors under the sunlight, rather than utilising the drier during the summer. Sunshine will dry them rapidly in a cost free manner, and also leave the garments smelling extra-fresh.

Laundry like jeans and cardigans do not need to be washed at one wearing, so in reducing the amount of clothing, it will be equal to lesser wash cycles and lower energy and water costs.

Finally lower your power usage by switching off the mains of any kind of electrical gadgets, chargers which are not being used. This kind of gadgets include laptop computers, mp3 players, mobile phones along with other consumer electronics which will use electrical power so long as they are plugged in.remain connected within or even within life setting.

Gather more eco friendly tips at Green Energy Helps. Unbiased reviews on water saving shower heads can also be found to facilitate comparison by consumers.

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Earth Day 2013

On April 22th, Earth day has been celebrated since a very long time. In the year 1970 the environmentalist movement declared the Earth day for the first time. Nowadays, in over 184 countries by 500 million people worldwide, celebrate the Earth day. All over the years, earth day has turn out to be one of the most significant environmental celebrations of the year. People are being more aware about Earth day and its significance. There are a number of ways to begin to make a difference by taking measures to prevent the pollution and waste of resources in the earth. The primary way is to actually take notice of the hazards that is affecting the earth’s natural resources in a harmful way. Earth’s water, vegetation and animals and air is being polluted and wasted at an accelerated rate. Everyone must be aware about the pollution, endangered animal, toxic gas emissions, and plant species and so on. This is possible by reading the appropriate books and visiting the web sites which are dedicated to earth’s preservation.

The celebration of Earth Day can also be done by taking a moment to examine and review the everyday habits one has which causes harm to the planet. Special attention is given on the information on Earth day and its significance. One can start by making small changes in the routine like walking or taking a bike as a substitute to the car for small distances is absolutely a step towards making earth a better place to live. In addition, this will also help in keeping oneself healthy by being physically more active.

Also, Earth day is the perfect occasion to go back over our wasting habits. Small steps such as not allowing the water run continuously n wasting it and while cleaning the dishes or doing the laundries open the tap only when the water is needed. All these steps will make a lot of difference in the long run. The most important step that one should take care of is protecting the earth’s resources by limiting its consumption for energy sources. It is against the well being of the environment when fancy and posh stores that are running their air-conditioning systems at full capacities and at the same time their front doors are far and wide opened.
There are several ways in which one can celebrate Earth Day such as planting a tree, contributing to an environmental organism, making sure that the government in power is taking firm action in order to control pollution and other things that are harmful for the planet.Earth day and its significanceshould be known by all people living on the planet.

Source: wrote by Pooja Rajput

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Sochi 2014

Renewable energy sources, self-powered street lighting, “eco-roofs” and other innovative eco-technologies are being used in the construction of the Olympic venues in Sochi.

Renewable energy sources, self-powered street lighting, “eco-roofs” and other innovative eco-technologies are being used in the construction of the Olympic venues in Sochi. The full details are contained in the Fifth report on the implementation of “green” building standards, which has been uploaded to the official Sochi 2014 website. We will soon see the eco-initiatives set out in the report bearing fruit in terms of reducing the workload on the engineering and communications networks in the Olympic host city. The innovations, which are being tested at the Olympic venues, will reduce the impact of the Games on the environment and on natural resources, and will also contribute to establishing the material and non-material “green” legacy of the Games as the experience of these new environmental construction standards is shared throughout the entire country.

Use of solar power

The region where the 2014 Winter Games is going to be held – the city of Sochi – has significant potential in terms of the implementation of renewable energy sources such as solar power. This potential has been successfully applied at the new railway station in Adler, where solar-powered radiators and boilers have been installed, to service buildings, including the water-based heating systems. The use of solar power as a “green” alternative to traditional sources of energy will enable annual savings of up to 30% on heating costs, and will satisfy all of the venue’s requirements as regards hot water.

LED lighting

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED spotlights – one of the key features of “green” construction – have been used widely in the lighting technologies applied at the Sochi 2014 sports and infrastructure venues. These LED spotlights use one tenth of the electricity used by filament lamps and half as much as luminescent lamps, and last for up to 50,000 hours.

In contrast with luminescent lamps, the light emitted by LEDs makes it possible to recreate the daylight spectrum extremely accurately. After use, there is no need for specialist recycling for the LED spotlights, as they do not contain toxic components.

The application of LED lighting is encouraged by international “green” building standards as a progressive technology, illustrating a responsible attitude to energy-saving and protection of the environment.

Integration of autonomous street lighting

The self-powered street-lighting technology, in which LEDs are used to provide light, whilst photo-electric transformers or wind generators are being used as a source of energy, has been widely applied throughout the grounds of the Olympic Park in Sochi. This technology was also successfully applied at the Games in Beijing and London.

The environmental benefits of this technology are numerous; it can be installed in sites that are remote from the established communications and stationary electricity network. The use of renewable sources of energy such as solar power and wind power mean a reduction in costs as the need for laying underground networks is removed. In addition service and maintenance costs are reduced as the automatic management of the lighting system shuts down the system during daylight hours.

In addition to its other advantages, the technology provides the capacity to transfer surplus electricity to the electricity network.

The Fifth report also contains information about the introduction of a range of other “green” building technologies, which, if applied, will lead to an increase in the service term of venues, reduce the costs of use, reduce the impact on the environment and support the region’s biodiversity.

New national eco-standard

The implementation of “green” construction standards as part of the preparations for the 2014 Games is not only going to form the basis of the environmental legacy of the Games, but has been incorporated in the new National Russian building standard, which came into force on March 1, 2013. This is the first time environmental efficiency requirements have been included in National Russian standard in the construction sector. It was created after a large project carried out jointly by SC “Olympstroy”, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Russian Ministry of Regional Development.

Source: wrote by PRWeb

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eco technology

Huntingdonshire District Council purchased the houses and refurbished them to demonstrate energy-saving measures that cut costs and carbon.

These include improved heating, lighting, insulation, appliances and sustainable drought-resistant gardens.

The Green House Project homes are open to the public for one year, after which they will be sold on the open market.

The district council teamed up with the Building Research Establishment to create the homes, which they hoped would convince the public that simple energy-saving measures could make a real difference to household bills and carbon footprints.

The St Ives house will be used as the flagship property for the project.

The 1960s detached house has been extended at the side and the rear, and demonstrates sustainable improvements including a bio-diversity roof, rainwater harvesting and triple glazing.

Meanwhile the house in St Neots, a 1970s semi-detached property, has been refurbished to show simple improvements that can be made for a relatively small financial outlay and applied to most homes.

Ordinary homes

Chris Jablonski, environment team leader at the council, said: “We’ve taken two ordinary homes that, at the time, weren’t designed with energy-efficiency in mind, and we’ve installed a number of measures to make them more airtight and less likely to leak.

“They’re now more efficient and in the process will save people money on their bills.”

Before the work began the total energy bill for the St Ives property was just over £1,000 per year. That has now been reduced by over £600.

“In carbon terms that’s a 75% saving, so we’re very pleased with that,” Mr Jablonski said.

The property has solar panels and a boiler to capture and deliver heated water. Its bio-diversity roof helps to insulate the property and, in the event of flash flooding, will absorb water and prevent the guttering from overflowing.

Not everything is as complicated, however. Many simple, low-cost measures have also been incorporated, such as draught proofing.

“That costs just a few pounds and you get a very quick pay-back,” said MrJablonski.

“This project is all about inspiring people to take small steps in the right direction.”

Sustainable gardens

Award-winning Cambridgeshire gardener Marney Hall designed the sustainable gardens at the front and rear of the St Ives property.

She was given a brief to create a bio-diverse space incorporating a wild meadow area, pond, woodland, hedgerows and a vegetable patch.

There are also butterfly borders and flowers that produce nectar for bees. Shelter is also provided for wildlife with bumble bee boxes and hedgehog homes hidden within the shrubbery.

Open days

MrJablonski said that an initial market valuation indicated that the two Green Houses were now worth substantially more than the council had paid for them, as a result of the improvements that had been made.

The Green Houses were officially opened on 29 October 2010 and will be open to the public for one year, from Saturday 6 November.

Entry is free and Huntingdonshire District Council plans to run a number of events throughout the year during which visitors can learn more about making their own homes more energy-efficient.

Details will be posted on The Green House Project website.

Source: wrote by Greencell Technologies House

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eco technology

With the rampant rise in technology today, it can’t be denied that the only way to promote green is through the help of technology. Scientists are now on the rush of finding new ways to save the earth from pollution. Technological breakthroughs seem to have the key in resolving the problems concerning pollution today. For this reason, green living technologies are starting to take over the planet in order to reduce the amount of pollution released every day. Starting at home, common appliances like the television are now revolutionized with the use of LED televisions that save a lot of energy and are eco friendly. Air conditioning and heating system are now replaced with solar and wind temperature regulating appliances. These appliances do not get their power from conventional power source but they get it from a more natural and eco friendly source which is the sun and the wind. All of these technological breakthroughs are very effective in promoting green living. However, these are just considered as the minor green living technologies that were invented at the start of the twentieth century. As the time goes by, the possibilities of promoting green living through technology are endless. In here, we will talk about some of the most advanced ways of promoting green living.

Since home appliances have already been integrated with green living ideas, other everyday items and even transportation is made to promote green living. Some of these items seems to look weird when green living ideas are integrated but for some reason, the scientist who invented these item really did a great job in finding for different ways to incorporate green living every day. One very common green living innovation is the green house. Inside the green house, you can really feel the green living atmosphere just by looking at the different sophisticated designs that promoted green living. The green house uses zero electricity from conventional source, it also uses zero air conditioning system and heating system and it uses its water up to its last drop. Even papers and left over foods are converted into something reusable. Basically, everything is never wasted and everything is used accordingly. Because of this, the cost of living is greatly reduced and the family who are promoting green living is able to live their life naturally. However, other doesn’t find this reasonable. Their reason is that it takes a lot of money to convert a conventional house into a green house. This can be party true but green living enthusiast are able to defend this by promoting simple lifestyle alterations to promote green living and they strongly imply that sophisticated technology is not really necessary in promoting green living.

Simple green living

The major rule in green living is to never waste anything and use something until it can’t be used no more and then recycle it. this simple green living idea is all you need to convert your basic lifestyle into a green living lifestyle.

Source: wrote by Georgia Winson

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Barn Wide

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green living tips

What Green Living Truly Implies

Green living can imply different things to different people. Levels of energy financial savings, standard water conservation, recycling, using recycled supplies, producing compost piles and many other “green” actions are all thought to be strategies of residing the green way of life. It is not doing merely one of these points. It is altering up the road you think so you maintain the soil and choose safe over everything else whenever you make conclusions. This would have an affect on everything you purchase, the spot where you store plus much more.

The idea that green living is significantly more high-priced is wholly false. Organic vegetables and fruits can be quite as cost-effective as normal vegetables and fruits that apply pesticides. It might truly be far more affordable when you choose to grow some of your personal veggies. The same holds true with energy sources conservation. You might be able to cut down on ones electric and normal water bill merely through conserving anything you use and being wise around exactly how much you will need on the moment to moment foundation. Several folks who stick to this approach to life basically see that it is way more cost-effective in comparison to the way in which that they utilized to live.

Most people should really be doing their component on the way to assisting the planet follow green living. Anyone who is already living this fashion can help show others on what needs to be executed and what the many advantages are. Numerous folks who’ve away “green” have started near by recycling initiatives, assisted establish solar panels and helped to hold neighbourhood enterprises accountable for the waste that they develop by way of air and water pollution and also the common waste that they make that goes straight to the landfills rather than working with recycled merchandise. Businesses discover plus they begin to get better, therefore helping their competitors because of the very same factor, which grows just like fire inside group to create more involvement in the green life-style.

Ways to Add Green Living in Ones Moment to Time Living

You’ll be able to incorporate green living directly into your everyday daily life in a number of distinctive simple ways. You’ll be able to begin with hunting at ones house. Wide open your electric invoice and find out exactly how much energy sources you utilized. Now determine tactics that you can reduce that. Possibly it is turning off lights when you set the space or unplugging cell telephone chargers from the wall when they are not in apply. In the event you actually wish to generate a daring declaration to with the green initiative, you can have a look at a photo voltaic panel generator for ones residence. You can buy these and / or purchase a kit in making yourself. You may minimize your electric invoice in fifty percent and help the conditions through using a renewable resource for power to light and neat your dwelling.

Many other approaches to emphasis on green living is in the goods that you simply purchase. You may already be buying regionally produced objects, that is beneficial, yet what in regards to the any other objects you purchase? Take a look at the packaging of all the things making positive that it is produced from recycled merchandise. This may help to decrease the amount of waste that goes right into the landfills each and every yr. Cardboard over styrofoam and recycled plastic over tough plastic must be one of the 1st items that you check out. You possibly can at the same time go through the cleansing items that use all-natural ingredients and herbs as opposed to manmade substances which can pollute drinking water materials.

Green living is changing into a phenomenon around the world simply because folks are acknowledging that they can’t maintain working with the organic resources from the soil in the velocity that they’re being employed. Otherwise the forests will undoubtedly be removed and the many assets is going to be depleted quicker as compared to later. You’ll be able to make your personal compost from old veggies, potato peels and any other meal waste in contrast to buying fertilizer. You possibly can furthermore begin recycling all of ones glass, plastic and cardboard so that it could be used within the packaging of many other supplies down the route. If you live in a state that pays you for your recycled goods, it’s a method to fund one’s self to go green in multiple other tips, too. You’ll discover many methods of go green therefore, you need to become artistic.

Source: wrote by Samantha Milner

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go green

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easy go green

As global warming continues to be a significant concern for the near future of the earth, folks are starting to flip to green living habits towards saving it for generations to come. Green living entails every aspect of our day-to-day existence – from driving a motor vehicle to the office to mowing our grass.

Switching to green living all of sudden might distress a lot of people from implementing those earth-friendly changes. There are numerous ways to ease into this practice and still assist in saving the planets natural environment.

Pollution is a significant problem for some towns and cities. A fair bit of it is produced by the factories, but that’s not the only avenue leading to global warming. Motor vehicles emit a fair volume of pollution in to the air.

When you have a great deal of cars and trucks driving around on the city roads, you’re multiplying the quantities of pollutants being emitted by each vehicle that’s doing damage to our ozone. If you wish to help save environmental surroundings, you can begin by either car pooling, walking more instead of driving a vehicle or maybe purchasing hybrid models that don’t do as much damage.

This kind of small change should bring much relief for the environment for future generations. There are many ways to adapt green living into your lifestyle by taking a glance at your home. What kind of light bulbs are you currently using?

The standard bulbs we use only play a role in higher power bills plus more carbon dioxide. In the event you switch at least a few of your common light bulbs with the stream-lined fluorescent bulbs, you’ll save the environment whilst saving on your power bill.

Make sure you seal off any spaces around windows and doors to keep any cold drafts from coming into the house, which may cost you more cash. Make sure the property is well insulated to help you cut down on those charges in the wintertime. The less the furnace or heating unit is required to operate, the better off every body will be.

Take a look at your home appliances. Are they devouring too much power? If they’re older models, the answer’s probably yes. Though a few of the changes are in the appliances which you use, other ways to go green involve your own personal habits and actions.

Do you open the oven door several times to check and see if something is cooked? The harder an appliance has to work, the harder it can be on the natural environment. If you keep opening the stove door, the temps will drop almost twenty five degrees. It will then have to work harder to get back to the original temperature.

Recycling where possible is a great method for saving our environment. Try to buy as many products as you can that can be recycled. Avoid the non-recyclable products such as Styrofoam cups. The less trash that must be burned – or buried into our soil – the better off the world will be.

All of these tiny changes may seem like they could not help much for the environment, but they can help tremendously. Every little bit we do is really a much-needed step toward reserving natural resources for our our children and grandchildren. Get involved with the environment and begin to make a difference in the practice of green living for our earth.


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green cleaning your kitchen

If you are looking for ways to improve your quality of life and that of your family, consider “going green.” In the recent past, the movement of people going green has led to a lot of environmentally deleterious activities being eliminated in favor of more earth-conscious ones. You can start this movement from your very own home, and we have a number of suggestions of how to make your green lifestyle a safe one.

There is a common misconception that going green is somehow cost prohibitive for the average person. Actually, going green is not very expensive at all, and green products are routinely distributed side-by-side with national brands that, in turn, have released green brands of their own. Most green cleaners simply omit hazardous or noxious chemicals from the bottle. Additionally, specialty green brands are not much more expensive than national brands and are often less expensive.

Going green has an immediate effect on how safe your kitchen is. With some soap and water, along with vinegar and baking soda, you can clean your kitchen in much the same way that you cook in it! There are simple procedures employing light acids like lemon juice and vinegar that can work away stains and clean countertops. This do-it-yourself way of going green takes very little time and is a major help for the environment. In fact, the inside environment of your house will undergo immediate improvement.

Some jobs do require stronger cleaners, which might force you to buy a product with non-green chemicals and irritants. There are a few things you can do to use these products safely. First, wear proper hand and body protection while you use these products to prevent the risk of exposure. Second, the average person uses entirely too much cleaner as he or she cleans-a few sprays on a large surface is generally enough cleaner for a given application.

how to green cleaners

You can continue your green practices outside the kitchen as well. Bathroom cleaning can be much more environmentally-friendly if you avoid flushing or rinsing away hazardous chemicals. When you purchase containers and storage items, be sure to buy recyclable bins. Reuse whatever you are able to before you throw it away.

At the end of the day, green living is a win-win for the environment and your family. Though we might think of various climate issues when the word “green” is mentioned, it is important to realize that removing hazardous chemicals from your home helps keep your family safe and the environment happy. You are sure to see the impact your choices make very soon after you go green.

Our company, Natural Stone Designs, has been helping Dallas residents keep their homes beautiful for years by helping them maintain and beautify there granite countertops and other natural stones.

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green clean

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Green Cleaning

It cannot be emphasized enough that green cleaning is good for the environment, our health, our pets health, and may increase our lifespan. Our bodies simply cannot keep inhaling toxic chemicals on a regular basis without it affecting our hearts, lungs and skin. These products may even cause cancer. There are some of us of has been putting on the thick rubber gloves and covering our mouths just so we could clean our ovens with chemical filled cans of foam? Was it really worth the risk to our health? And sadly, it wasn’t even really needed, as baking soda and lemon juice will do the job perfectly and leave a fresh scent too.

All of us has a responsibility to do their share in creating a clean earth for themselves and future generations. And with simple green cleaning steps to a sparkling home, everyone can. On the Internet there are many ways to get eco friendly products and even some recipes for those who prefer to make their own. Coconut water is a great cleaner, as is lemon juice or vinegar.

When you think of it to clean your house, all you really need is some baking soda and vinegar. For instance, a small amount vinegar rubbed onto glass with a piece of crumpled newsprint will give you a clean shine on window panes. No glass-specific cleanser needed.

When purchasing for cleaners which boast they are cleaning green products, don’t always believe that to be true unless there is an eco friendly seal on the container. One such product with rave reviews is the eco friendly cleaning cloth. This cloth is thick, toxin free, and picks up dirt, grime and even grease quite easily with just a swipe. You will not have to scrub, nor break a sweat with this microfiber powerhouse. More great news is the cloths last a long time so they are affordable too. We may just increase our lifespans, finally end cancer and a host of other chronic diseases forever.


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