Recommended reading | A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity

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An essential, galvanizing narrative about making a difference here and abroad—a road map to becoming the most effective global citizens we can be. In their number one New York Times best seller Half the Sky, husband-and-wife team Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn brought to light struggles faced by women and girls around the globe,… Read more »

The Curacao Business Council for Sustainable Development is organizing a seminar on sustainability

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Seminar On Sustainability Curacao

See on – Green Living WILLEMSTAD – Sustainability – What’s it all about? The seminar will be held on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 8:00 – 12:00 at Selikor, Parera. Worldwide sustainability is taking the business community by storm, but what is it exactly? What does it mean for a business and how can… Read more »

Electric Cars – The Way of the Future

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futuristic electric cars

Nowadays, if you talk about the car of the future, it’s all about electric cars. In fact, the 2011 World Car of the Year was a fully electric car, the Nissan Leaf. And why should we not love electric cars? Though people may argue that electric cars still cause pollution because the factories that create… Read more »

Understand Your Role In Ewaste Recycling

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ewaste recycling

Isn’t it cheaper and easier to just throw that kitchen blender, mobile phone or TV out because it does not work as efficiently as before or you are bored of using it? The recent sale offers at your shopping mall or the online sales promotions are just too hard to resist buying a new one?… Read more »

The Growing Need for Renewable Energy

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renewable energy

Energy is essential in just about every facet of life and the production of energy is a key factor in ensuring that a nation can thrive and support its self. Traditionally the majority of energy produced is generated through the burning of fossil fuels (coal, petroleum and natural gases). This became a solution for human… Read more »

Greenest Luxury Car

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greenest luxury car - ever

The GreenLux automobile award for 2010 is somewhat shaming as well as an award. It is unfortunate that, in 2010, European car manufacturers who are creating very environmentally friendly luxury vehicles for the European market, ship comparatively gas…

2nd Hybrid-electric Vehicle Technology Conference

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hybrid-electric vehicle

See on – Green Living Merisis is organizing the 2nd HEV Technology Summit 2013, about Hybrid-Electric Vehicle, working in conjunction with China Power Supply Association, on Sep.26th -27th, Shanghai of China. As the only professional summit with a specific focus on hybrid vehicles this year, the key issues are as follows: Policy Tendency, OEM’s… Read more »

Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology opens on June 9 | Press Releases | Eco-Business – Asia’s Cleantech & Sustainable Business Community

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See on – Green Living Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology opens on June 9 with 20,000 sqm of confirmed exhibition space Leading suppliers share their goals for the 2013 show A comprehensive selection of fringe events provide an engaging experience to all attendees Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology will take place from… Read more »