Greenland’s Melting: Creating A Different Climate than Earth Has Ever Seen

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See on – Green Living July 28, 2013 Rolling Stone Greenland‘s ice sheets are melting faster than anyone predicted. Why  glaciologist Jason Box’s radical theory may not be so radical after all… The expedition, called the Dark Snow Project, is the first crowd-sourced scientific research trip to Greenland. “The old ways of doing things… Read more »

3 Effective Ways to Maintain a Clean Environment

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Green Made Easy book

You might think that keeping a clean environment is very difficult. Well, maintaining it can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You can actually do lots of ways to make it possible. This article might be of great help. It provides three effective ways to maintain one: Avoid creating pollution – Avoid creating pollution…. Read more »

President Obama’s Climate Change Plan (Infographic)

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Climate Change Plan Crop

On Tuesday, President Obama announced his new climate change plan. Below is an infographic produced by the White House illustrating some facts about climate change and how these new proposals will reduce carbon pollution. If you didn’t see the speech, here are four key moments you should know about. You can read the climate change plan and watch the speech here. You… Read more »