Global Warming: How It Is Impacting the Enterprise Earth

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Global Warming

In the article, “The Big Business of Global Warming”, one of the companies that are discussed is the pharmaceutical company Bayer. According to the article, “7 Ways Climate Change Affects Companies”, companies are now spending more money for upgrades on their facilities in order to control the emissions that they give off. Many companies will… Read more »

Characteristics of an Eco-Friendly Home

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Eco-Friendly Home

As the harmful effects being put on the earth by us is becoming more and more aware. Individuals are starting to become more responsible and are changing their lives to undo the irresponsible human tasks that are causing the harm, however, inevitable. But there are lots of ways and methods that you can use to… Read more »

World Energy Outlook Special Report on Energy and Climate Change

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Energy and Climate Change

Reading this excelent report about Climate Change The world is moving towards a crucial climate change meeting in Paris in December 2015 (COP21). The negotiations there will be based on national pledges, formally known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, with the goal of setting the world on a sustainable path. As energy production and use… Read more »

World’s first green library opens its doors in Singapore – Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save Enviornment – Ecofriend

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See on – Green Living Go green- this is one of the most popular slogan that you get to hear these days. It means to adopt more sustainable ways of living in order to save the planet from various demons such as global warming and pollution of various kinds. These demons are let loose… Read more »

Going Green is a lot better than most people believe

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going green

The problem of global warming has encouraged a lot of people to get started on increasing their attempts to save the earth’s ecological system. The trouble is that almost all people suppose that it is very time consuming or even expensive to get started living green. This article will share wit you a number of… Read more »

2 Billion and Climbing: JustGreen™ Celebrates Carbon Offset Milestone to Help Stop Global Warming

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tires working together to stop

2 BILLION AND CLIMBING: JustGreen™ Celebrates Carbon Offset Milestone to Help Stop Global Warming (via PR Newswire) Download image JustGreen Lifestyle by Just Energy. (PRNewsFoto/Just Energy) TORONTO, July 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — JustGreen™, a Just Energy Group Inc. (NYSE/TXE: JE) brand, is pleased to announce that it has reached an impressive milestone — the…

Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Home

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eco-friendly furniture

By green furniture we do not mean colored green, but eco-friendly furniture that has been manufactured with minimum environmental impact. This might seem to be a paradox, since it takes many years for trees to grow, and only a few seconds to cut them down. However, there is yet no alternative to wood for high… Read more »