Five Items to Avoid in the Home for Green Living

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There are items in our everyday lives that can actually be making us sick. Here is a quick list of things to avoid and suggestions for alternatives and get green living. Household Chemicals. So many cleaning, pest control and beauty products are chock full of dangerous chemicals yet easily available over the counter to invade… Read more »

Every Step towards Green Living deserves Celebration

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green feet

The terms ‘Green’, ‘Green Living‘, and ‘Go Green’ seem to be bordering on overuse these days. There are way too many un-green businesses jumping on the green bandwagon merely for the sake of increasing their own sales plus plenty of green wannabes who think that as long as they use reusable bags at the grocery… Read more »

Top Five Reasons to Plant a Garden

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In today’s world of processed foods, pollution, and pink slime, you might be wondering how to ensure that what your family is eating is healthy. Buying organic is a great start, but growing it yourself opens doors to tremendous possibilities. Here’s why: Avoid Pesticides – Conventional agriculture uses petroleum based chemicals to combat pests in… Read more »