Tesla’s Model S Sedan Destroys Safety Tests … Literally

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Tesla Model S Sedan

See on Scoop.it – Green Living As the quasi-mainstream electric car crushes the crushing machine, Elon Musk‘s PR rolls over the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration In the long history of automotive safety press releases, no carmaker has ever issued a statement quite like the one put out by Tesla Motors (TSLA) on Monday night. The statement begins… Read more »

Tesla CTO JB Straubel Says His Company Can Charge Electric Vehicles, With No Battery Swapping, in Five Minutes | MIT Technology Review

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See on Scoop.it – Green Living Tesla Motors is pushing the limits of charging technology to make electric vehicles as practical as gas-powered cars. Electric vehicles take too long to recharge. To charge a Tesla Model S just halfway takes five hours at a typical home or public charging station. But in its effort to… Read more »