Greenest Luxury Car

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greenest luxury car - ever

The GreenLux automobile award for 2010 is somewhat shaming as well as an award. It is unfortunate that, in 2010, European car manufacturers who are creating very environmentally friendly luxury vehicles for the European market, ship comparatively gas…

Impressed: The Chevy Volt Review

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chevy volt 2014

This slideshow requires JavaScript. 9.5 of 10…….(This is my first ever auto review) CHEVY VOLT REVIEW When I first learned Chevy was sending me a Volt to drive and review for a week, I was excited. I had driven many cars before. But this was going…

Contemporary agriculture is burning up our planet

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See on – Green Living A growing number of organic consumers, natural health advocates and climate hawks are taking a more comprehensive look at the fundamental causes of global warming. And its led them to this sobering conclusion: Modern, industrial, monocrop farming are burning up our planet.   How did they reach this conclusion? First, by… Read more »

2nd Hybrid-electric Vehicle Technology Conference

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hybrid-electric vehicle

See on – Green Living Merisis is organizing the 2nd HEV Technology Summit 2013, about Hybrid-Electric Vehicle, working in conjunction with China Power Supply Association, on Sep.26th -27th, Shanghai of China. As the only professional summit with a specific focus on hybrid vehicles this year, the key issues are as follows: Policy Tendency, OEM’s… Read more »