Green Office Furniture

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green office furniture

The “Going Green” movement involves transitioning to a more environmentally friendly and eco responsible lifestyle. For many people this simply means making changes at home like recycling, using less water, and using bio degradable products. Considering the fact that most people have to spend 8 or more hours per day at work, it makes perfect… Read more »

100,000 Electric Cars Sold By Nissan, Renault…And Counting

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See on – Green Living As more electric cars hit the roads it’s only natural a few milestones will fall here and there–and the latest is for the Franco-Japanese duo Renault-Nissan. The companies have now sold over 100,000 electric vehicles between them–the milestone car a Nissan Leaf, sold to American grad student Allison Howard…. Read more »

e-Recycling: Why we must and how we can

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See on – Green Living Andrew Del Prado argues that society’s attitude to e-recycling (recycling eletronic gadgets) is lagging far behind our desire to create the technology in the first place, and tells the Ecologist how his organisation is trying to combat this trend….. The fast progress of the market of electronics comes with the… Read more »