The Eco-Friendly Car Americans Aren’t Buying

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See on – Green Living For eco-conscious drivers not ready to take a Tesla-style electric leap, the big news this August is Volkswagen’s Golf TDI BlueMotion. At 106 mpg, it’s an even more eco-friendly version of the Golf TDI–but it isn’t sold in America. VW sees more potential in Europe, where gas prices are double… Read more »

Incorporating Sustainability into Strategy

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Over recent years, mainstream media has reflected the increasing shift in mindset towards “the green agenda”, “sustainable lifestyles”, and “environmental responsibility”. The term sustainability embraces various principles and practices designed to encourage active preservation of our environment and communities, while also promising attractive financial gains. Many companies now realize that millions of dollars can be… Read more »

Give your home an eco-friendly makeover | Property | News | Daily Express

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See on – Green Living WHATEVER your views on climate change and global warming there’s no doubt saving energy can conserve Earth’s resources and your bank balance too. While next Monday marks the start of national campaign Recycle Week, which aims to highlight the continuing need to salvage cans, cardboard and paper, many households… Read more »

Re-branding the Concept of Eco-Friendly Fashion! View Zen Magazine’s Editorial – “Fashion Envie” | Bella Naija

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See on – Green Living Allow us introduce another fashion editorial from Zen Magazine‘s May 2013 issue. This time the Africa inspired digital fashion magazine is showcasing three American based designers; Amy DecewDesigns,Tamara Leacock for RecicleGem NY & JWhite in an Eco-friendly campaign for fashion. The concept was conceived by Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society. The editorial aims at giving the world of fashion… Read more »

Monsanto Gives In To GMO Crop Opposition

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See on – Green Living May 31 (Reuters) – Monsanto Co is not pushing for expansion of genetically modified crops in most of Europe as opposition to its biotech seeds in many countries remains high, company officials said on Friday.   European officials for the St. Louis, Missouri-based Monsanto told the German daily “Taz”… Read more »