Preserving the World through Proper Waste Management

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Proper Waste Management

Garbage is perhaps one of the environmental issues that will never, ever be solved. Every day, the entire planet is accumulating tons of garbage, and this volume is increasing exponentially every yearly. Although more landfills and incinerator plants are being opened in various areas around the world, this doesn’t provide the ultimate solution. As a… Read more »

Seven Ways to Turn your Office Green

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office green

Now that we are in the 21st century, we start experiencing the effects of global warming, climate change and the increasing problems which concerns our environment. These environmental problems can’t be put to a stop completely. What we could do is to lessen them and delay their ill effects to the best of our abilities…. Read more »

Sustainable Building Techniques

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green building

What is sustainable building or green construction? Put at its simplest this means constructing and maintaining properties in an environmentally responsible manner. Green buildings reduce the impact of the building on people and nature. The three keys to reduce the impact of a building’s “Carbon foot-print” Reduce wasteful uses of energy Use existing energy more… Read more »