As of 2016, there are two nuclear power plants in Ohio. The first, Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant, is located in Oak Harbor, Ohio. The second, Perry Nuclear Power Plant, is located in Perry, Ohio. Together, these two plants generate about 4,200 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to power about four million homes.

Nuclear power plants are a controversial topic, with some people arguing that they are necessary for providing clean and reliable energy, and others arguing that they are too dangerous and should be phased out. In Ohio, the debate has been particularly heated in recent years, as the state’s two nuclear plants have been plagued by safety problems.

In 2012, the Davis-Besse plant was shut down for nearly a year after inspectors found a hole in the plant’s reactor vessel. The plant’s owner, FirstEnergy, was fined $28 million for safety violations related to the incident. In 2016, the Perry plant was also shut down for several months after a series of problems, including a leak in a steam generator and an electrical fire. FirstEnergy has said that it plans to close the Davis-Besse plant in 2020 and the Perry plant in 2021, citing economic reasons.

The future of nuclear power in Ohio is uncertain, but it is clear that the state’s two nuclear plants have had a significant impact on the state’s economy and environment.

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